Best most comfy and durable scrub pants


I've been wearing Cherokee Flexible scrub pants. They seem to wash well and are soft and comfy, but they wear out in no time it seems. I want something really durable, but comfy and washes well. What scrub pants do you like?


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Cherokee Perfect Stretch!! You'll feel like you're wearing silky pajamas to work!! No shrinkage or fading either ?

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I have a pair of S.C.R.U.B.S. branded cargo pants that I've worn twice a week for four years and they look pretty darned good. Let's just say I am 'generously proportioned' and tend to get worn-though areas in the inner thigh area of my pants. Not these! Oh, and the pockets are lined- which is really nice.

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Wink 4 way stretch.

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I usually wear dickies or a pair of premier medical.


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It may be cliché but I love Grey's Anatomy scrubs. They are soft, movable, and they keep their color throughout multiple washings. The only problem I've ever had with them is that the bottom hems wear over time because I'm a tad to short and to lazy to sew them up but that would happen with any pair of pants over time.

I love my Grey's Anatomy, but even the petite are a bit too long in my sneakers. I love Koi pants. Perfect length, color doesn't fade, lots of pockets, drawstring cinch at the ankle just in case.

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I like White Swan. I also frequently get scrubs by Allheart.


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I'm obsessed with the Scrubology pants. Soft as the Grey's but much more flattering IMO.

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Jockey is the best in my opinion. Although my black pants feel like they are wearing out quicker than my Jockeys that I purchased in 2013ish. Not sure if they changed the material or if it is just crappy water that we have at my new house. I am also considering purchasing more Wonder Wink four stretches but I am mixed on that idea. Jockey is still the best.

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Grey's Anatomy & Dickies Xtreme Stretch!