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Best brand for scrubs/uniforms?


I am being given a $250 voucher to get scrubs,shoes, a blood pressure cuff kit and so on for my LNA course. What brands are the best, most cost effective?


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I like Cherokee workwear. I never have to iron these scrubs (unlike the other ones I have).

ohmeowzer RN, RN

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what is a LNA? sorry never heard of it before..

I love koi...they are kinda expensive, but they are durable and comfy.

Koi is nice when they scrubs are more cotton than polyester. Iguana is nice, but I am not in love w/ the fitt, but I can buy them 100% cotton. I've been wearing Urban scrub pants for (3) years-day in day out. They work for my purposes and look nice too. They are now owned by Landau. I like Landau too, but watch the dye lots! I just bought a Landau student dress, but have not had an occasion to wear it yet:(

Virgo_RN, BSN, RN

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I'm partial to Dickies and Cherokee.


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Hands down for low cost and durability for me are the White Swan unisex straight-leg drawstring pants. They go by either the name Essentials or Basics (mine say Essentials but I think they may have changed the name). They come in short, regular, and tall lengths up to 2 or 3XL, cost around $12-15 a pair, and they last forever. They don't require ironing if you fold them straight out of the dryer. Can't remember if the tops are one- or two-pocket; I do not like one-pocket tops.

I also like the Koi line, they wear very well and are more "stylish" than the White Swan Essentials. They come in short and tall lengths up to 3X, although their sizes tend to run a little small.

I love how Iguana scrubs look on other people, but they do not come in short lengths or plus sizes, so I have not tried them.

I was *not* happy with how either Landau pants or Dickies pants wore; they did not last. Did OK with Landau tops.

For shoes, I have to say I only wear Danskos, but they are $115 a pair, and I would hate to see you eat up half of your clothing budget on one pair of shoes. Many people like Nike Shox and I think you might be able to get a pair for less then $100.


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I think 'best brand' is very individual. Once you find a label that fits you well, is durable and comfortable, you'll likely stay with it. My personal favorites are Cherokee and Landau. I like knowing how they fit because I can then take advantage of online sales.

I like the Dickies & Greys Anatomy scrubs. They are really soft & comfy, almost like wearing pj's. And it seems like they are wrinkle resistant cuz I almost never have to iron mine.

I agree with the previous post it depends on the person..I'm very tall so Cherokee works the best for me because I need length and the color doesn't fade as much as some other brands like urbane and baby phat


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My favorite is Dickies Black Label. They are soft like peach-skin and durable.

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