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Well I did it. I passed my first semester of nursing school. I am in a 2 year ADN program. I really studied and had problems in my Foundations class all semester long. I got a 74,74,82,74,76. My final grade was 77.95, which they rounded up to 78%.78% is needed to pass at my school. I passed but I don't feel that good. I almost want to cry. I barely made it. Many of my classmates feel I should be happy,and just do better next time. I will say that my particular program is not very supportive,and is very unorganized. mow back to me. I will admit I was lazy at times,but for the most part I studied and read the required readings. We got near the end and we got into bowel and urinary elimination and pain. These were very challenging, One particular teacher was very hard. Alot of nursing diagnosis questions which we didn't really see all semester. I am very upset and a little discouraged. I know I really want to be a nurse,and I am detemined to do it. I have had a rough past,but a promissing future. I am a above the knee amputee and osteo sarcoma survivor. I feel like I have to do this for me,and the patients I will oneday take care of. I am scared, and would love any remarks anyone may have positive or negative. Of course people fail,but I do not want to be the one to fail.:confused:

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Hang in there sweetie! You can do it! You know what? In the end, no one is going to ask you your GPA - just "did you pass boards?" Resolve to do better in the future. Plus - if you are fairly young the first semester is usually a wake-up call to hit the books. Good luck and congrats on your cancer cure!


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Thanks trauma r us. I am 30 years young,and got a heck of a wake up call. Thanks for the support,and the very encouraging words. I will head them.


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Hey Banginplates,

Congratulations on passing your first semester.

You said you were lazy at times, well I'm sure that got you behind. Just resolve yourself to not allow that next semester and I'll bet you'll do better.

Congrats also on beating cancer!


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You passed and learned the information that's all that matters. You're very lucky, in my program they don't even round. How many "C" doctors do we have walking around? Alot, just do the best that you can.

If you can, get some NCLEX books and as you learn something in lecture you can do the questions in the book, it really helps. Congrats, you are moving on up! :)


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Originally posted by traumaRUs

In the end, no one is going to ask you your GPA - just "did you pass boards?"

That's probably true in most cases. And I'm not trying to be discouraging by any means, but it's not always true.

If you want to become a nurse anesthetist, for example, GPA is critical for most programs.

It obviously depends on what you want to do. Just FYI.


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Good job, you did it!! ;)

Find a "study buddy", it's sometimes helpful to share thoughts, ideas and information. Also, see if you can find one faculty member that will mentor and encourage you. If you don't understand something, find someone who does and "pick their brain".

Stay confident!! Obviously you have the desire to succeed, that's half the battle. Don't give up. And whatever you do, work on your studies a little every day so you don't fall behind.


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There is a book that helps you understand what your learning style is and give really good advice on how to study using your style. It is called You Are Smarter Than You Think. I was skeptical at first, but I found it really helped me study more effectively.

It couldn't hurt to give it a try and see if studying a different way can help you retain more information. You can read about the book at If you want to buy a copy, go to and you can get it for less than the $19.99 list price.

Good luck!

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The first semester is generally the hardest...different testing methods, different learning, just different everything!! The study methods that gave me A's in non-nursing classes were not working for me in nursing classes. You probably have a handle now on what nursing expectations are...take a deep breath, and say "Next semester is going to be better!"

And always remember, no matter what, "C = RN". I know too many students who are obsessed with getting A's (and they do get them), but are having a very hard time applying the knowledge in clinical practice.

Don't let it get you made it!!


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Our minimum passing grade is a 76%, but they do not round. You are very very lucky that they rounded your grade for you.

Enjoy your break and when you return in January give it a 110% of what you got.


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I barely squeaked through Pharmacology II this semester. I wish I had done better but I passed by 3% so I don't have to repeat next semester.

The things you have problems with, you know that you have to prepare when you're dealing with them! I just keep my drug book handy and work with it! I can't remember the details off the top of my head but when I read it in the drug book I understand the processes involved (so I did learn something!) and I can explain to the patient.

Don't be discouraged. Your description of your program sounds so much like mine - I was smiling as I read it. It is a change to wade into a nursing program without udnerstanding the process. I thought I was prepared but spent most of last year in a state of frustration and panic. Feelings of incompetance were normal.

It will get better. The information will start clicking - you'll be so proud when you can put it together!

Don't stop now!



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YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

pour on some serious steam next semester!!!!:kiss

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