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Background Checks

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I've recently been accepted to a nursing school in Minnesota and I've been loosing sleep over the background check I have to do in a few months. I have a gross misdemeanor terroristic threat when I was 15. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Will I be denied from clinicals and licensing? For those who have been in this situation, if you have to fill out an application, did you put yes when it asked if you have been convicted of a crime? Please help.

That's something you should ask your school. You can call anonymously and ask a general question.

"Will a charge from when I was 15 for a terrorist threat disqualify me from the program."

Honestly my first thought was yes prby because I knew girls who had to get assault charges removed off their record inorder to attend and one couldn't continue past our 2nd clinicals bc no clinical site would take her.

Good luck.


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Sometimes crimes committed before the age of 18 can be er ased from your record.

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You were a juvenile. was your record not sealed? Are you eligible to have it expunged?

I thought it was sealed. I also tried to apply for a permit that required to have a background check and this came up. When I goto the bureau of criminal apprehension and pull up my record, nothing comes up under myself.

Terrorist threat at age 15? I think you can request a copy of your own background check from the federal authorities? Also, I wonder if you would share your story when you were 15! That is crazy stuff.


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If it's been expunged or is many years old (usually past 7-10) if might not be an issue for your school's background check.

Be advised, however, that it *will* show up when you apply to the BRN to take the NCLEX, even if it's been expunged or "sealed." If you poke around the boards here you'll find out that it is totally possible to make it all the way through nursing school and then get denied a license after graduation due to a criminal record. Not trying to scare you - you'll have the chance to make your case to the Board and appeal if necessary - but you should be prepared for the fact that it's going to come up at some point.

Is there a way to Anonymously call the BON and see if it would disqualify you even if it was expunged/sealed?

Didn't they ask on your application whether you had any misdemeanors and felonies?

When I applied to the school it didn't ask that on the application. After I got accepted to the program, I was going through the check list and thats when I found out that they will be doing a background check to make sure I'm able to do clinicals.

I agree with a PP, contact your BON. Do it before you start school. It would be awful to go through school then be denied a license because of this and only the BON will be able to tell you for sure.