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Hey guys, I took my boards yesterday and still havent heard anything yet. The offices are closed today because of the holiday. Does this matter in posting upi someone's results. Im a basket case:uhoh3:. Has anyone taking the exam right before a holiday?


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Have you tried the Pearson Vue trick? I know it's not final, but it may help alleviate some stress!! Good luck!


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Whats the pearson vue trick? Thanks


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Look at the nclex discussion form it tells you how to do it. There is a huge post about it.


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Do the trick! It works!

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If the BON office is is closed then it can have an impact on your posting as no one in office to check results. If pearsonvue then they usually post 48 hours plus regardless n day or whether a holiday


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:pThanks to all! I did try the trick and it wouldnt let me go to the cc screen. Im hoping that it works for me! I feel a little more relieved after trying this though. I will let you after the results! Thanks again and keep me in thoughs!:caduceus:


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Good luck and enjoy the holidays - good thing to take your mind off test results.

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I'm stuck waiting over the holidays too. It is nerve wracking but I keep telling myself to try to relax because there's nothing I can do. Easier said than done though :(


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Good luck.

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My daughter took her NCLEX on Thursday and we are wondering the same thing. Will the results be up today or not because of the holiday? She is a basket case as am I because I am so nervous for her. I took mine in the Olden Days and you knew you had to wait at least 4 weeks. This 48 hour thing is a killer! I would pay $100 to find out right away! She only got 75 questions and feels like she blew it! Hopefully we will get the answer today!!


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quick results were in today if you took exam on thursday. Oh I also called the 900 number for results. 1-900-77-nclex!

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