Are you required to use "in house " cell phones??

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We have a very loud, inaudible overhead paging system. Recently all med surg units were given "spector link" (i think thats what they call them) phones. The unit secretary can transfer all your calls to your phone. If you are trying to find an RN or aide , you can just call them on the phone. Admin is telling us that if you loose or damage the phones it will cost you $1,000.00!! I want to know if anyone is using such phones and also, how can an employer require you to use something and then have the right to fine you if it becomes damaged??



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We used Spectra-link phones in the past. However, we are physically located in a sub-basement and we had issues with reception. We currently use portable radios (much like police and fire use) and they work very well. We used the small radios like you might use on vacation with the family, but again the range wasn't that great. We also have several Nextel phones that we use on the intercom mode - they are fantastic. Again - quite expensive.

Yea, we use them on our floor as well....It cuts down the voice traffic in evenings and its very convienent when I have to call a doc. No more waiting around @ the desk! I think its great! :)

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they are okay. they can be a nuisance.

i just have a beef when the unit secretary keeps on transferring calls from families that call non-stop .:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire and oasking the same questions over and over and over. "how is my grandma doing? anything new? " ; "no, nothing has changed since you called 1/2 an hour ago" 4_2_200v.gif god, that is so ^^*%**&)*_*)&)&) irritating!.:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

here i am talking to a doc about something that might be very important and we keep getting interrupted.

i finally have to tell the family (and secretary) that a family spokesperson is needed. someone that can relay info to the rest of the family.

gosh, i had to get that off my chest.!!!!


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Tried them, hated them.

System worked like this: if the person responsible for that patient didnt pick up call bounces to next nurse, then to charge nurse.

Supposed to make the unit quieter. Yea, right with 10 phones chirping all at once!

The hand held radios work but depending on the frequency, we picked up EMS, and the FEDEX guy. So much for patient confidentiality.

Also, we aren't permitted to give out info over the phone. I actually had a niece ring up at 2355 to find out how her uncle was doing.


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They can charge you for damage because it's not your property. We use these phones and I like them. No more being tied to a desk waiting for a physician to call back. The ones we use can be inserted into a holder that clips to the hip. I haven't broken one yet.

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These kinds of phones are a blessing I reckon! We give our clients our number direct so they don't have to go through switch. I've busted mine a couple of time and never copped any grief about it. A unit like a mobile phone is gonna cop a much heavier use than a personal one used outside of work. There has been more than one occasion where my bosses and colleagues have dropped it in the toilet as you tend to where them clippped to your trousers. If my employer tried to charge us with a repair bill they would be told to shove it where the sun don't shine!


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:rolleyes: we also use at my hospital. The only time it is really annoying is when you are in isolation and it starts ringing and if you dont pick up they call you again and again!!! argh!

other than that they are great!


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We had the same phones for a long time. The problems we had were that ours were tied into the call light system as well and if they rang while you were talking to a doc or famliy they would override your call. Talk about irritated docs! We just switched over to some Nextel phones this week. They seem to be much better. Have never been charged for damaged phones and never have been threatened either.

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We have them also...except we are on the 2nd & 3rd floor and still having problems with reception.

Personally, I have a love :rolleyes: /hate :angryfire relationship with the phones. I really hate when I am a patients bedside, having a heart to heart conversation and the phone starts ringing. I usually won't answer it, but it's still a distraction. It is nice having them around when pts. need pain meds or a doc is trying to get a hold of me.

I guess I'll just have to live with them!

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personally, i have a love :rolleyes: /hate :angryfire relationship with the phones. i really hate when i am a patients bedside, having a heart to heart conversation and the phone starts ringing. i usually won't answer it, but it's still a distraction. it is nice having them around when pts. need pain meds or a doc is trying to get a hold of me.

agreed. my last job had them. they always rang the minute i put my sterile gloves on!!!! and they ring and vibrate, so that vibration feeling got to be so annoying. and if you're stuck in a room, and another pt. needs you, they have to wait, without being akknowledged, or you have to phone someone else and hope your co-worker can tend to your pt. i felt it decreased the teamwork :angryfire . if you answer the callbell at the desk and you know you co-worker is busy, you (if you are nice) will go and get it. that doesn't seem as feasible with the phones.


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We use spectra-link phones where I's nice to be able to page a doc and then go about your business until he calls back, but it's awful when it's 8am and I just come on shift at 7am, and I've already had 20+ phone calls! Somedays it is like that. And when I am in a isolation room and can't answer it, and it rings...rings...rings...over and over, that is annoying too. Oh, well..I'd rather have them then not have them, I guess.

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