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KacyLynnRN has 14 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

I am lucky enough to enjoy the best of both worlds, staying at home with my children and working one night a week as a Med/Surg RN. In my free time (haha) I also love to blog about nursing at www.introtonursing.com

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  1. KacyLynnRN

    Publishing in Nursing

    Hello all, First off forgive me if I did not post this in the appropriate forum, unsure of where to post this... I am curious about writing nursing articles. I have never done so, but have completed a BSN program in which my graduation research paper was 78 pages..so I know I can write! I am just curious about freelance writing of nursing articles..can anyone who has done this or currently does this give me any insight? Are there any courses I can take to develop my writing skills specifically in the medical profession? Any tips or guidelines you use when writing your articles? How do you decide on a topic to write about? Who do you submit your articles to? And is there the potential to make any money doing this? (I am not looking to make a living, but some extra cash to pay bills would be nice). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much! Kacy
  2. KacyLynnRN

    Surge in RN retirements feared once economy rebounds

    Wow, I am blown away! A new grad making $26 an hour out the door? I live in Indiana, work at a large Indpls. hospital, have been a nurse 7 years and now only making $24.50 an hour. What is wrong with this picture?
  3. KacyLynnRN

    How My Instructor Affected My Life

    As a clinical instructor myself, I vow NOT to be like the clinical instructor you wrote about in your essay. While she may have pushed you to stay on top of things and learn more, I do not for a second think that is the environment a student learns best in. I think a clinical instructor can motivate a student to learn and do a good job while also following the golden rule "treat others as you would like to be treated" There is no reason for anyone to cut a student down like that!! Congrats on carrying on and good luck to you throughout your nursing career. Kacy
  4. KacyLynnRN

    Utah suffering severe nurse shortage

    Don't most Utah hospitals require nurses to alternate working day and night shifts? A lot of nurses probably don't want to do that. Maybe the schedules should be more nurse-friendly.
  5. No, I don't. I am an RN with almost 6 yrs. experience and am currently making $23.50/hr for day shift medical/surgical hospital floor work. I started there making $19/hr out of school. I have always recieved good reviews and raises, but I do not think I am recieving the pay I deserve.
  6. KacyLynnRN

    IUPUI second degree BSN?

    I had a good friend who went through that program. She had a 3.98 GPA and said she almost didn't get in! I think you pretty much have to have a 4.0 to make it. Also she said there were only 30 spots per year. That was in 2005, so it may have changed since then. Good luck!
  7. KacyLynnRN

    Just Another Code

    Beautiful...it made me cry!
  8. KacyLynnRN

    Charting examples worksheet?

    Hi, I am a clinical instructor for LPN students and I am looking for a worksheet for charting, or a sheet of charting examples. Does anyone have anything good I can give to my students? Thanks in advance, -Kacy
  9. KacyLynnRN

    Does anyone here teach an LPN program?

    Hi, I have not started my instructor position yet (will start 9/18) but I, like you, have 5+ yrs. experience in med/surg nursing. I am going to be an Med/Surg clinical instructor in the LPN program. Can't wait!! Kacy, RN, BSN
  10. Hi all! I am a soon-to-be brand new med/surg clinical instructor. To those of you clinical instructors with experience under your belt, I am wondering if what is happening to me is the usual occurence. I accepted a job as an LPN instructor about a month ago. Clinicals start 9/18. I have been in touch frequently with my new boss, and would like to go ahead and get things set up at the hospital we are going to be at, as far as orientation and outside experiences. I have heard from some of the other instructors that this is generally the instructor's job. No problem. Well, I have been put off for awhile, and I keep asking about details so I can get started setting some things up for my students. I was finally told last week that the school is having some trouble securing the actual hospital for a clinical site, and that things are up in the air right now as to if my students and I will even be there or not? I have no idea if this is because of the particular school being fairly new (only in 2nd year) or because these are LPN students, not RN students. I was told that on Sept. 11th I would be told for sure where we were going. That only gives me a few days to set any orientation and outside experiences up!!! Is this a usual occurence, that I should just get used to as a clinical instructor?? It is very dissapointing! Thanks all who reply, - Kacy, RN, BSN
  11. KacyLynnRN

    Online MSN?

    I don't know about Walden University...I am looking into starting the online MSN at University of Southern Indiana with a specialty in nursing education.
  12. KacyLynnRN

    What is the dumbest order you ever read?

    Two come immediately to mind... #1. Give pt. lobster dinner tonight (pt. was complaining and MD wanted to shut her up) - yeah, ok..I am sure the cafeteria has tons of lobster available!! LOL #2. Pt. OOB with RN assist only. (Yeah, because PT, OT, LPN's, etc. are unable to assist pt. OOB! LOL)
  13. KacyLynnRN


    I have sat for the NCLEX-PN and the NCLEX-RN and would have to say the NCLEX-RN was more difficult, only because it required more critical thinking skills, while the PN test seemed to ask more direct questions. The questions on the NCLEX-RN were more open to interpretation. However, it is hard to compare the two since you have to complete two totally different programs of study to take each one. Good luck!
  14. That I was trying to kill her by giving her "those pills" LOL She also told me she was having an affair with the president of the United States....
  15. KacyLynnRN

    University of Indianapolis

    All I can say is, extremly overpriced education. I checked into their RN-BSN program and the cost was ridiculous. I am now in the RN-BSN program at IUPUI...much cheaper and will get me the same degree.
  16. KacyLynnRN

    Most easy job in Nursing?

    Well, if it's not the easiest than I'd say it is definitly in the top 3.... OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH!! I work Occ health for an area hospital, I basically go around to the different factories that the hospital has contracts with and work in the clinics inside the factories. A lot of prevention of repititive motion injuries, random drug screens (which are a urine test, reminds me of a home pregnancy test), draw blood, and do lots and lots of paperwork! Lots of downtime, lots of chat time with employees, (almost) everyone is happy to see you everyday. The most stressful part of the job is dealing with emergencies that come up (mostly lacerations and machining injuries, at times can be severe) Most people would not be able to deal with the boredom, but believe me after 3 years in medical/surgical floor nursing, it is a VERY welcome change!!! The stress at the hospital was buring me out big time, and I had to make a change to maintain my sanity. Good luck to you! -Kacy, RN P.S... Oh, and NO weekends and NO holidays. Most of the jobs available are on 1st shift (days), but they do have 2nd and 3rd shift positions too, just not as many. Also, I am able to work 6,8,10 or 12 hour shifts...very flexible. And the pay is pretty much the same as what I made at the hospital.