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mdfog10 has 20 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. mdfog10

    Union Representative question

    In my union , I as a nurse rep do the following: educate nurses about our contract, educate nurses about our union Professional Practice committee that meets monthly and can bring the CNO in to deal with practice and safety issues, educate nurses about our union form (assignment despite objection ) to document potentially unsafe, unsafe situations and insufficient staffing, I answer questions and offer support on how to handle clinical situations and responses to management. I help nurses advocate for their role as patient advocate and their rights as a union member. As a nurse rep I have also been a member on the bargaining team, helping to negotiate our contract with the hospital. and on and on....
  2. I applaud this nurse e who was willing to stand up for what is right. It is not always easy , but she did the right thing and was validated! Nurse Hero!!
  3. mdfog10

    seems like the union isn't doing anything

    We all are the "union". So make sure your reps know what is going on and work together to make change. In my experience , when Nurses are united on an issue and willing to take it on, management pays attention. It is a fight, and will always be a fight, but it is worth it.
  4. I don't understand why your professor is against mandated nurse to patient ratios. Have they or their family never been in the hospital? Mandated nurse to patient ratios are needed because hospitals will not do it on their own. Nurses and other staff are only viewed as a "labor" cost and always an area that can be cut. I had a CNO admit that nurse to patient ratios saved her from being forced to cut the nursing staff. Patients are sicker and moved out of the hospital faster than ever before. Nurses are constantly required to do more, faster and better. Yet if we make a mistake , the hospital is immediately pinning all the blame on the nurse. Ratios are critical to us being able to provide safe care. Every day I fight to enforce the ratios because every day my manager is trying to send us home or work us short . Those that say there are downsides of the ratios are either lacking in knowledge of the ratio law or dishonest. Ratios are a minimum , hospitals can increase staff and yet they do not. Well they do when JACHO , Magnet or the state come for a visit. Ratios are cost effective and save lives! Remember , way too many patients still die from medical errors, failure to rescue , etc. Nurses are there for the patients while hospital management is still all about the bottom line $$$$$$$$$
  5. mdfog10

    Nurses Week/Hospital Week

    Yes--calling it Employee appreciation month is a clear way to say "You Nurses aren't so special" I don't want a week of pizza, trinkets and events that are only at management convient times. I want true RESPECT--proper staffing and the ability to call in more staff (RNs, assistant, sitters) when needed. Respect and consideration for the assessment and opinion of direct care RNs doing the job. Decent wages , benefits and a pension. Respect is giving RNs the TIME needed to teach, to support and to care for our patients. Happy Nurses Week!!
  6. Thanks for the police talk info. During our recent contract negotiations, responding to our position that specific staffing levels be noted in the contract, the lawyer for the hospital (works for known union busting law firm) stated "you guys think you are the staffing police"! We responded: As patient advocates, YES we are the staffing police!!!
  7. mdfog10

    Unions and new hires

    Our union time with new employees was a fight , but we finally won. Now instead of waiting outside the room , we are all introduced and get to make a presentation.
  8. Too bad there was no RN perspective reported
  9. mdfog10

    UC Nurses Reach Tentative Agreement

    Announced today it is Official, our 2 yr contract has been ratified!!!!!:yeah:
  10. mdfog10

    Don't Forget Texas

    try National Nurses United
  11. mdfog10

    Meg Whitman addresses the CA nursing shortage

    Meg Whitman has said she wants to roll back regulations to 2004 and cut 40,000 state jobs. That means she will go after our nurse to patient rations and most likely cut school nurses. The cut throat corporate world is much different than those who are in charge of our most vulnerable ,the poor and disabled. Meg Whitman does not care about "the chattering class" and I believe will drive us all into a race to the bottom----except for the millionaires and billionaires.
  12. mdfog10

    Care Delivery Models and the Union

    Absolutely!!! That is a main point I make to nurses why we need to fill out the ADO: we are held to delivering 100% of the standards of care of our hospital for our unit. If we cannot deliver what is expected we need to document it and why. For me , it is because they are moving us and patients sooo fast. There is no time allowed for patient teaching or any psychological care, interventions with families and case managers, etc. Much less the *******' computer!!!
  13. mdfog10

    Care Delivery Models and the Union

    I would try to find one or two others to join you in filling out the ADO. You don't want to let them single you out. It is about standing up for the work we do, get others comfortable with filling out the form, and using it to force management to deal with the problems. You can do it!!
  14. mdfog10

    UCLA Strike

    It was POSTPONED. Temporary restraining order, the judge stated he needed more time to review the merits of the case. He will deliver a decision on June 18th, 2010.Private sector nurses have the right to strike once their contract has expired. Public sector nurses are under a different labor board (PERB) and that board almost always sides with the hospital (not impartial).
  15. mdfog10

    Care Delivery Models and the Union

    Unless the nurses/union have the contractual right to negotiate all staffing issues with the hospital----the hospital can make changes to staffing levels at any time. This is a major part of our job and we need to fight to get the right to negotiate staffing levels in the contract.
  16. mdfog10

    CNA nurses to strike this week

    Thank you for your post and your support. I am a California Nurse. California hospitals , in my opinion, ignore the piece of the ratio law that speaks to patient acuity. The ratios are a floor and patient acuity dictates if increased staffing is called for. Management can praise their own leadership and maybe the RN staff when hospital indicators, and patient satisfaction numbers are in a good place. Things are good in my hospital because the RNs care and work incredibly hard--to our own detriment. We deliver and yet when we document and articulate unsafe conditions, lack of adequate break coverage, inadequate staffing we are met with no response. Delay and Deny , and collect incredible profits, that is their baseline behavior. My CEO sent us a letter chiding us for how much money the strike would cost. We all know that money could be saved and better spent if they just followed the law and did the right thing. Unfortunately that is not my reality. Every day, every year we will continue the fight to advocate for our patients and our profession.:redbeathe:nurse::redbeathe: