Are you nervous about getting out in the "real world"?

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I have 2 months until I graduate and I'm starting to have mixed feelings. OMG! This is so strange because this is something I've wanted FOREVER!

I haven't worked (besides being a wife, mother and student) since June of 2001. I'm starting to get really nervous about working. No more summer days with the kids, having to work (I've ALWAYS loved working - being with other adults, etc - but now - I can't figure out my feelings). I am hoping for 3 12-hour shifts so that I can spend the summer with the kids like I've done the last few years. I know - this is the real world. I don't know why I'm feeling like this. I'm tired of being a student, but I've gotten so used to it. I'm 31-years-old and I have to grow up - AGAIN! AGHHHH!!:smackingf


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Hi, Jen! I graduate in May also and find myself quite nervous about it. I even had a dream that I had a patient with all this stuff and I didn't know anything about any of it. Kind of funny how your insecurities play into your dreams! I am also pretty nervous about finding a job. I worked for the same company from high school up until I quit to do clinicals, so I've only had one job interview ever!! I suppose whats meant to be will be. But just so you know, you are not the only one out there getting "pre-graduation jitters"!



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I can't wait to be working full-time again and making a REAL paycheck. The last three years have been really difficult, but I've made it this far. Just a couple of months left and I will be done with this hell known as "nursing school"!

Good luck! The end is near!


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But just so you know, you are not the only one out there getting "pre-graduation jitters"!


Thanks so much for letting me know!! :)
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I feel ya Jen. There is a lot that I have not experienced in clinicals It just hasn't worked out that way with some of my patient assignments. I've also had things my classmates have not. I'm sure once I'm working and get the repetition I'll be fine. But it's still really scary!:eek:


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You're welcome Jen! :)


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i guess we're all in the same boat...i jst passed the nclex-rn last dec. and i'm looking 4a job ryt now.i graduated last 2000 and im now 25 yrs old with alot of looking for a job, going for interviews, first few weeks (or months) of working,will i measure up, im i ready for this kind if job,wat if i make mistakes...those sorts of things....

well...good luck to all of us!!!

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I am in just about the exact same boat as you. I'm 31, with kids and a husband and haven't worked since Jan 2002. I am also starting to get nervous about going back to work. Two thirds of my classmates have worked throughout nursing school and I keep hearing how behind I'll be once I get out there and actually work as a nurse. I'm not as concerned about that as I am about the scheduling luxury it has been being in school as far as my kids are concerned. It's ok to miss class to go to a doctor's appointment but work is a whole other ball game. I hope to work in a hospital for as little as possible and then go into another field (legal nursing) where I can regain some independence with my schedule again. Anyway, that was too much information but I just wanted to let you know I feel the same way...although I absolutely cannot wait to actually graduate! Good luck!

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I have all the pregraduation jitters, too. I graduate in 2 months also. I am 23, will have 3 kids when I graduate (im due with baby #3 right before final exam). I have never had a professional type job.I worked in a restaurant for years in high school, then in a gas station until I started school. I quit there in Aug 2002. I did do the externship this summer, which was a job w/ the RN, but its not the same. SO not only have i not had a job in a long time, i've never had a professional job. I can't believe that I will be responsible for people. THat people will look to me for help (are they nuts?). That I will be thenurse. It's almost unbelievable.

But, that paycheck will sure be nice. I'll look at my first check and be amazed, lol. haven't seen that much money at once since a student loan check!

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OMG! It is only two months now! :chuckle Yes, I am nervous too. Just found out I got the job in the ED, so now I am freaking out about that. Because I need to know everything!!! So, after my NCLEX studying is through, I'll be doing lots of studying with critical care and emergency nursing books. I cannot wait to be getting a paycheck though. I told my mom that my bill collectors who mail me once a week and used to call once a day, won't be getting crap until I get a job and until at least my second paycheck (first one goes towards uniforms and the $100 Dansko's I want). So, you're definitly not alone. I alos cannot wait to quit my job at Pizza Hut. :rolleyes: -Andrea

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I'm getting nervous too. Thinking about things like, how am I going to get the kids to and from day care or school, who is going to be home with them if I work certain shifts, can I count on my hubby to be home with them, can I afford a babysitter after I start.

I'm not so much worried about working cause I would love a pay check but I'm more worried about shifts and kids.

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I feel for all of you. I've got the jitters and I don't graduate till December.

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