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  1. ItsyBitsySpider

    Yearly Evaluation

    We do get yearly eval's from the supervisor of health services for the school system. No eval with our schools administration though. I do not send anything to teachers asking them to evaluate me. I really don't think most have much of a clue what I do on a day-to-day basis anyway, other than the few that bother to ask.
  2. ItsyBitsySpider

    Frustrated !!

    ITA with Miranda. Be blunt and to the point. That is ridiculous.
  3. ItsyBitsySpider

    Why do you send a student home?

    I would not send a kid home for puking r/t getting hit with a soccer ball. On good days (most) I am very picky about what goes home. My office is very busy and I have alot of FF. Suspicious ortho injuries ("jammed" fingers, wrists, ankles, etc) will go, suspicious rashes, ear pain (legitimate), tooth pain if there is an obvious problem, also will go. I know there are more but those are the most frequent. On bad days I will sometimes send them all home. I know it's a bad idea but the school I work for is filled to the brim with alarmist, freak-out on a hangnail staff that I sometimes don't have the energy to battle. I am a strick believer in these students needing to be in school if they can. Often a quick nap, snack, or hug will "cure" them. Hope this helps!
  4. ItsyBitsySpider

    Adults or Peds

    I think you should choose the one you are more interested in. I had many peds questions when I took NCLEX.
  5. ItsyBitsySpider

    New & Ready To Move On To Bigger & Better

    I think it's safe to assume that most nursing students expect, at the least, to be respected and valued. I'm sure they also expect to work in a supportive, SAFE environment. I also don't think these are unreasonable expectations. Unfortunately, they are, in alot of hospitals, unrealistic. This is the reason why I have chosen never to do bedside nursing and I don't regret it. Unfortunately the amount of nurses taking the crap far outweigh the ones who don't and as long as that is the case, we are fighting a losing battle at the bedside. As far as being respected, you absolutely have to demand respect. In the face of an ego-inflated MD, know-it-all nurse, demanding family member, or whomever else feels that they can treat you like crap. You may catch slack for standing up for yourself but once you've established that you won't be licking anyones shoe soles you'll be ok. Please don't regret going into nursing. There are too many options for you to feel you have wasted all that time. Please do just a little research, there are many jobs out there that you will enjoy, feel valued, and get paid well to do. I have found mine and it didn't take long at all. Good luck.
  6. ItsyBitsySpider

    Flu shots for your kids??

    My kids got their flu shot. My daughter is a passer outer too and she didn't feel a thing. I think it's definitely worth it.
  7. ItsyBitsySpider

    Songs to play in the Waiting Room

    The theme song to Jaws would be fun... Da na......da na.......dunt dant dunt dant dunt dant.......
  8. ItsyBitsySpider

    Highest paid nursing field?

    If you are so content and fufilled with your choice to be childless, then why would you feel the need to list your justifications? I know I'm happy as a mother and I don't need to justify that. I also wouldn't trade them for a clean house, free time, or a million dollars. I also don't feel the need to tell you, or any childless person, what they are missing out on by not having children because I respect their choice and firmly believe that some people are not cut out to raise children.
  9. ItsyBitsySpider

    Hospitals near New Orleans that hire new grads

    I don't know of any that don't. Good luck.
  10. ItsyBitsySpider

    ER Only Background for CRNA??

    If your experience is in a Level I Trauma Center then LSU Health Sciences Center will accept that. http://nursing.lsuhsc.edu/AcademicPrograms/Graduate/MN/NurseAnesthesiaProgram/FAQ.html
  11. ItsyBitsySpider

    Healthy women schedule C-sections to prevent vaginal stretching

    I really cannot imagine why any woman would choose a c-section over vaginal birth. I'm not talking about for health or safety reasons. I've had both and I'd have 10 vaginal births over 1 c-section any day, episiotomy and all.
  12. ItsyBitsySpider

    Anybody else just recertify their PALS??

    I'm re-certing on the 19th, thanks for the heads up. I don't even have my book yet. :uhoh21:
  13. ItsyBitsySpider

    Question for L&D Nurses!

    Thanks suzanne, that's what I thought!
  14. ItsyBitsySpider

    Question for L&D Nurses!

    Hey all~ Quick question. I would really like to work L&D. However, I have no experience and at this time would not be able to commit to a full-time position. Would it be realistic to apply for a PRN L&D position but have to be trained? Most of my experience is in Peds/ER. Thanks in advance!
  15. ItsyBitsySpider

    New Orleans Nurses

    We absolutely need all the help we can get. Sorry no one replied sooner, I've found that this section is used mainly by nursing students who just may not know. Please contact West Jefferson Medical Center, or East Jefferson Medical Center, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, or Ochsner Medical Center and see what you can do. I'm sure one of them will be happy to help you get out here. Thanks!!