Are those long hours getting to you?


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How do you feel after working a long shift? Many people prefer long shifts over the typical 8 hour shifts. Why is that? What are the pros and cons of working a long shift? If you had the choice which would you prefer?

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kbrn2002, ADN, RN

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I work 8 unless I am Mandated over....then it is anywhere from 10 - 16 hrs. I actually like 12's, used to do them and loved working 6 but getting paid a .9 but now that I am getting a little older :)... 12's are still good, 14 is ok but 16 really stinks, especially if I am back the same night.

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I work 12s and while they are long the day of, I like having four days off. I occasionally work an 8 for overtime and boy are those nice!

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I have started working 8s...I still miss my 12s or 10s, however with 8s, you can run errands before or after work...but I enjoy the days off where I can get more things done.

Since I like my current new job, I'm staying with the 8s...for now...


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I've actually heard that a lot of Nurses retire early b/c of their legs and feet going out on them. Honestly, I don't care what shift I end up with as long as it's on the weekends so I can be with my family during the week.

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Id rather have 4 days off instead of working 5.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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The longer the shift, the merrier for me. . .

I prefer more days off per week, so I like working three 12-hour shifts in exchange for 4 days off every week. I also liked when I worked two 16-hour shifts per week in exchange for five days off in a row every week.

But five 8-hour shifts per week at the bedside? I do not want to see patients, family members, coworkers, or anyone's face at the workplace five days per week. That would be hell on earth for me.


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Im a PCT and secretary for postpartum (yes, I am BOTH) and me and the evening pct/us both work five 8's. We are eagerly talking with our managers to work three 12's. I am not a nurse yet, currently in school, but I feel like I am being beaten doing this job for 5 days in a row. Its very busy trying to be 2 people, and rarely do we get a sincere "thank you". I would love, and soon will need, those extra days off to study more and just have a minute to myself!! I worked 12's at a previous hospital, but moved to another hospital that paid $3 more per hour which, for anyone who has ever been a tech knows, is a substantial amount.

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I went against my beliefs and signed up for the three 12s in a row for this weekend. Tonight will be #3. After being abused for two nights straight, I informed staffing to put me on another floor or consider this conversation my call-out for tonight.

That being said, I'm back to my usual two, spaced-out, 12-hour shifts as of next week. By the way, the person making the assignments said to me when I asked that changes to the patient assignment be made to reflect an inkling of being fair, "I didn't know that it was you coming; I thought it was the other one". Proves my point of these jacked-up patient assignments being purposely done!:madface: