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While reading the post "how much do you make" I ran across a few posts from Texas nurses. When I was finished reading all the posts I was ready to pack up and move to Texas. I cannot believe that RN's could make 91k a year, and the cost of living was great. So my question for Texas nurses is this... Are the nurses that make 91k a year nurse supervisors or in administration that have been at the facility for many, many, many years, or does Texas really pay that well for all RN's?

I'm there if it pays that well for everyone, making that kind of money I could fly home whenever I wanted. I was excited at the possibility of making just 18.00/hr in AL.

Depending on where you live in Texas, there are places paying lots of money to staff nurses. I do know there are hospital paying $35.00 an hr with sign on bonuses. Come on over Lorrie, everyone knows that Alabama is just a suburb of Dallas.

my first job as an RN was in Central Texas...

for $4.25/hr....'course, that was 30 years ago!


that is hilarious!!! LOL! I have never heard the expression of Alabama being a suburb of Dallas. That's great.

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Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, Darby PA ( non-profit private, union, teaching 450 beds, suburb, flagship of Mercy system) pay ~$25.00 hr-$35.00Hr with 10 + years; offering $10,000 sign on bonus if you stay 3 months, stay 18 months, get $3,000 more!

Our Lady of Lourdes, Camden NJ 9across bridge from Philly; teaching non-profit, trauma asn transplant, rehab; part of CHE as is Mercy)starting GN $21.06/hr to $26.53/hr with 10 yrs experience.

Frank-ford Healthsystem, Phila:19.35to 20.10 for new RN; experienced , certified earn up to $29.10/hr.

Most offering $5,000 sign on bonuses.

Nj: State Psych facilities 3-12hr shifts FT= $46,278 starting salary.

Salaries from this weeks Nursing Spectrum and Advance for Nursing Publications.

Even my homecare agency is offering staff $1,000 recruitement bonus!!

Even the smallest facility in our area is advertising so you know its a RN's market in Philly right now.


Everything really IS BIGGER in Texas!

hi all,

i live in cincinnati,ohio, and based on the threads that iam reading iam stunned at some of the salaries that i am seeing. i started out making $24.00/hr as an rn with one year of nursing experience. the agencies here pay an average of $39/hr and upward. i have girlfriends who work critical care thru the agency, and they are making $45-$55/hr. they usually work 3/12hr shifts. the cost of living here is reasonable. it is less expensive than most cities our size. you cancompare the cost of livings by going to we have approximately 12 hospitals in our city, and we are just across the bridge from northern kentucky which has several hosp. of their own. this town is not a bad place to live and work.


I will bring home about 60-70K this year but I work 32-36 hrs a week only. This is night shift, with max experience. Nurses who work 4 12's can easily make 90K+ onstaff, even more for agency. Prety good money with a reasonable cost of living here. I am sure the big Texas cities pay even higher than my area which is suburb of Ft Worth. (Dallas, Houston pay better but crime is higher, cost of living is higher than where I am)

I believe part of the reason behind the fairly decent salaries (in comparison to other areas of the country) is to discourage unions, personally.

I would go back to a union area in a heartbeat though. Money isn't everything.

Everything really IS BIGGER in Texas!

Hey! As a person born in the Republic of Texas, I resemble that remark!

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Wow take it lightly obviously the poster was joking. There is a saying Everything is bigger in Texas. Thats just a saying. As is Don't Mess With Texas! You know like the Big Apple (hopefully New Yorkers will have the sense not to think that saying this is offensive). Lighten up :)

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Also, keep in mind in addition to the salary...we have no state income tax & at least in my area Dallas/Ft. Worth...we have low cost-of-living and average the best housing prices in the country. Several large corporations have their home offices here: Tandy Corp, Pier One is currently building their new corporate office, I think American Airlines corp office is still here too...and that's just Ft. Worth. I've been in the area about 20 years now and will probably stay another 20.

hmmm...methinks I'll put Texas on my list of possibilities!!

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