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  1. lorrie

    Murphy's Laws of Nursing | Life of a Nurse

    That's great. I 'll be passing that one along.
  2. lorrie

    Are you kidding, texas nurses?

    that is hilarious!!! LOL! I have never heard the expression of Alabama being a suburb of Dallas. That's great. [This message has been edited by lorrie (edited April 17, 2001).]
  3. lorrie

    Are you kidding, texas nurses?

    While reading the post "how much do you make" I ran across a few posts from Texas nurses. When I was finished reading all the posts I was ready to pack up and move to Texas. I cannot believe that RN's could make 91k a year, and the cost of living was great. So my question for Texas nurses is this... Are the nurses that make 91k a year nurse supervisors or in administration that have been at the facility for many, many, many years, or does Texas really pay that well for all RN's? I'm there if it pays that well for everyone, making that kind of money I could fly home whenever I wanted. I was excited at the possibility of making just 18.00/hr in AL.
  4. lorrie

    alabama nurse

    I work in Gadsden, Alabama.
  5. lorrie

    Did you worry in nursing school?

    When I was going through LPN school I had every disease / illness known to man. After I finished I was a normal healthy human being. I am now back in school finishing my RN, and as I type I am convinced I have MRSA. And I guess from reading everyone else's post this isn't completely insane. Or either everyone that has posted is (haha) lots of luck and it should get better.
  6. lorrie

    You know you've been a nursing student too long when...

    You know you're a nursing student when: The only clothes in your laundry basket are white uniforms and those hideous pentifores. I wonder if i can ever still wear my street clothes?
  7. lorrie

    Has a doctor made your day?

    Pizza is the way to my heart, I would have loved that doctor forever. In alabama, we too have a tendency to use sugar, honey, etc. so i would have taken " good lady " with a grain of salt, smiled, and ordered pizza. The doctor I work for usually buys the office lunch every friday for the week's hard work. I really appreciated that too.
  8. lorrie

    ICU panic button

    I have been a LPN for about two years, so I am not totally clueless of what's involved in patient care, although I am still very green. I am also finishing up my RN degree. We started our ICU clinicals last week for my RN. Oh my gosh, I was so lost. I felt as if I had never been a nurse a day in my life. I was so overwhelmed by ventilators, trach's, chest tubes, central/arterial lines. I always thought well what is the difference between an RN and LPN. I have a completely new outlook after spending a day on that floor. Is everyone overwhelmed by ICU at first. I thought I really had it together as a nurse before that experience. I know if I felt completely in control and unintimidated it would not have been a learning experience, but I have never felt like I was drowning. Will ICU ever be better, I hope so I have it here on out.
  9. lorrie

    Any LPN's out there?

    RealNurse, Thanks so much for the address for NFLPN. What a great site. Also thanks everyone else for the posts. The situation never seems as bad when someone knows where you are coming from.
  10. lorrie

    two year RN degree programs

    I am currently enrolled in an ADN program and now feel GREAT about it. These posts were so encouraging. Thank you so much.
  11. lorrie

    Any LPN's out there?

    The other day I went for a job interveiw for a LPN position and was asked by the interveiwer " Now do you know how to take a blood pressure?" I probably looked like a truck hit me. I was so stunned by this question. I have also been in situations where co-workers have asked do you know how to give a shot? I just wonder what people think LPN's do, and if they have any idea of what the curriculum covers. I just get really tired of constantly having to reaffirm our ability to carry out the most basic nursing procedures. I sometimes feel that people do not look at LPN's as being real nurses, and that aggravates me so much. I am currently in an RN program, and people who know I am a LPN still make comments like " So you're going to be a nurse one day." It is said without trying to be demeaning, they simply have no idea. I have worked with some wonderful nurses both LPN and RN's and respect both, but some of the LPN's I have worked with share the same frustration as I do. Anyone else? Does anyone know of any LPN forums or bulletin boards?
  12. lorrie


    When I took boards about two years ago, it was a little bit of this , and a little of that. It was pretty evenly distributed among all areas of study. Good luck!!
  13. lorrie

    outraged at TV show ER

    I did not see that ER episode. By the time I get home I'm like if I have to hear one more medical term or get emotionally involved with another patient I am going to scream. However, I have been unintentionally sucked into Gideon's Crossing. That is unfortunately a awesome series. I leaves me an emotional wreck. However, I too can take offense to things like that. Know where you are coming from.
  14. lorrie

    Injections--- Who can give them in Texas?

    know what. best place to look for these types of answers is the texas board of nursing. if anyone can give you facts it should be them.
  15. lorrie

    Injections--- Who can give them in Texas?

    LPN- licensed practical NURSE. I do not know about Texas in particular, but just about every other state in America allows LPN's to give injections. That was basically the idea of going to nursing school, having pharmacology and medication administration. Further more, why would the NP be responsible if the person is licensed by the state board of nursing to perform this type of procedure? So far as untrained personnel giving injections and medication administration, I would like to know the answer myself. They are pretty much phasing out nurses in walk-in clinics locally, and hiring untrained personnel they can train on the job and pay less. I have been told they work under the MD's license.
  16. lorrie

    please respond.

    dixie this is very odd but this is exactly something i have been up against myself now for a while. it is very scary that unlicensed personnel are perfoming the exact same tasks as a nurse. a person off the street could watch a doctor do a cardiac cath for five years, eight hours a day and probably go through the motions himself after a while, but not knowing why he was doing what he was doing, or the consequences of a wrong move. i just feel a little uncomfortable with people "going through the motions" but having no idea why. i am currently putting in phone calls and e-mails regarding the legality of the situation and will definately keep you posted on the findings.