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The other day I went for a job interveiw for a LPN position and was asked by the interveiwer " Now do you know how to take a blood pressure?" I probably looked like a truck hit me. I was so stunned by this question. I have also been in situations where co-workers have asked do you know how to give a shot? I just wonder what people think LPN's do, and if they have any idea of what the curriculum covers. I just get really tired of constantly having to reaffirm our ability to carry out the most basic nursing procedures. I sometimes feel that people do not look at LPN's as being real nurses, and that aggravates me so much. I am currently in an RN program, and people who know I am a LPN still make comments like " So you're going to be a nurse one day." It is said without trying to be demeaning, they simply have no idea. I have worked with some wonderful nurses both LPN and RN's and respect both, but some of the LPN's I have worked with share the same frustration as I do. Anyone else?

Does anyone know of any LPN forums or bulletin boards?


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I am a cna and I have always worked under LPN's never RN's. I use to think that LPN's were god, I looked up them. I never realized until much later that there was a difference between the two. Any one who completes a nursing program and passes boards is a real nurse. There are some really great LPN's out there. The differnce in education from an acedemic perspective is minimal. I know you are in the RN program now. That is great but it makes you no more of a nurse. Ask your patients what a real nurse is and stop listening to all the education talk. You are so lucky because nursing does not require four to six or seven years of education. Nursing is different in that respect. I know that some people pursue their Bachelors and their Masters in nursing and I have as much admiration for them as I would for someone studying a different field. I am tired however of hearing the education talk from bedside nurses. If you feel you need special recognition then go into management or research.


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Lorrie, Try not to let other people get to you. In my long years as an LPN I have heard some of the things you have. I know that I am a " real nurse" and what I do is important.I don't recall ever hearing any negative statements from my patients.We are all a part of a team to provide the best care possible to our patients.I think that sometimes people that make tose statements about LPN's are either clueless or insecure.If someone does not know what my role is I try to educate them. I don't know of any boards for LPN's but I think it would be a great thing to do.



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I have recently moved to South Carolina, and am working in a small hospital. I am amazed every day at the treatment of LPN's. I worked in Emergency Trauma back home and was trained to do anything ordered by a Doctor. Here I am allowed to do little more than a CNA. I feel I have been demoted in a profession I have enjoyed for many years. I find little joy in it any more. I do understand what you are saying about the lack of trust and confidence people have in LPN's, but have you noticed how unprepared the new grads are? Recently a fairly new LPN worked on my team, she worried all day about one of her patients having a fixture in his leg. When I looked at the diagnosis, it read Fx L Femur.


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I understand where you are coming from. I'm an LPN and when I graduated 3 years ago I took my first job at a nursing home because the pay was much better for a new grad. After about a year, I yearned for the clinical experiences I had during nursing school. I applied and was offered a position in the ICU/CCU at the local hospital. I remember the whispers among coworkers. "An LPN is coming to work here and she hasn't worked any where accept a nursing home" At times it seemed the joke of the day. Of course, there were a million things I had to learn. (don't we all) In time, with my proven abilities and eagerness to learn opinions changed. I have the respect and most importantly the trust of my coworkers. I believe in our profession we must prove ourselves to our coworkers, after all we rely on each other so much, especially in critical moments. I disagree with the typical stereotype of LPN's. I am the best nurse I can be regardless of title. I've seen LPN's and RN's alike I have prayed "please don't let that one be my only back-up in a crisis." I'm also in an RN program. I've had many LPN's say to me "don't forget where you came from" To that I say "watch where I'm going"

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LPN, and proud of it...

Thanks to the RN (real nurses for every patient... every patient deserves a real nurse, an RN) campaign going on... I get knocked as not being a nurse decent enough to care for people, but I take it in stride...

I worked my rear off for these whites, and now, I'll wear them with pride...

I did clinicals under a demoness for nearly QOweek for a year and a half... she was evil and silent, so we knew how to do alot very well very fast, and we did it over and over till we got it right... smile.gif

So, I guess, I was never not prepared....


--Barbara, LPN

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Hey Lorrie! I'm an LPN and live in upstate NY. I just got out of nursing a month and a half ago. I was a high-tech home care peds nurse...vents in the home...feeding name it I did it. In 1999 I worked in a large hospital...Level one trauma center. We were allowed to do most everything that an RN did. I was trained in blood draws and how to start IV's. I worked on the rehab floor. I wonder why the southern states seem to have so little respect and confidence in LPN's? This trend is not happening in my area. At the large hospital the LPN's gave all the meds on the floor. The only thing I couldn't do was sign the long form assessment. Seems they are ignoring a large pool of talent. Sounds nuts to me. Hang in there...go some place where your knowledge and skill is repected and utilized.


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Lorrie, I almost forgot...check out's the National Federation of Licensed Pratical Nursing home page. Lots of forums and certifications. Hand in there. By the way, I went into social work, and I love it. Good luck.


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Originally posted by realnursealso/LPN:

Lorrie, I almost forgot...check out's the National Federation of Licensed Pratical Nursing home page. Lots of forums and certifications. Hand in there. By the way, I went into social work, and I love it. Good luck.

Checked the link it didn't work. try this one.


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I was an LPN in critical care (ER) for 24 years, and have been an RN for 6--I know waht you are talking about--there is an EXCELLENT forum for LPNs at the NFLPN home page---It is a very good and active organization that I can highly recommend, and stll visit on a regular basis--I still find that LPNs in general practice reality based Nursing ---find the site @: You'll feel at home there.


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Thanks so much for the address for NFLPN. What a great site. Also thanks everyone else for the posts. The situation never seems as bad when someone knows where you are coming from. smile.gif


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I can relate! Recently our hospital stopped hiring LPN's in acute care. Although I am "grandfathered"in my position I too have returned for my RN. I believe the writting is on the wall and this is the wave of the future in my state.

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