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  1. Any LPN's out there?

    I understand where you are coming from. I'm an LPN and when I graduated 3 years ago I took my first job at a nursing home because the pay was much better for a new grad. After about a year, I yearned for the clinical experiences I had during nursing ...
  2. QUESTION: Are we the only one's?

    I'm an LPN in Georgia and it is true that a lot of hospital settings are little by little staffing fewer LPNs. I know it is not due to our education or capability. LPNs are highly skilled nurses. I know in our community, we are weak in representat...
  3. How can or do nurses deal with death and grieving?

    I've been an LPN for a little over a year now. My first job out of nursing school was in a nursing home and this setting allowed me to view death as a release from life. Over the course of my employment at that facility I was able to see and speak ...
  4. 8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    I work critical care 7p-7a and I love the 12 hour shift. Personally I would not want to work anything else. Not only does it allow for continuity of care for my patients but it lets me enjoy my career of choice and my life. I worked 11-7 and 3-11 for...
  5. Lack of staffing on midnights

    I completely understand about working in a facility without enough staff to care for the patients. I recently left my last facility for this problem. Before I left I was working the 11-7 shift in a 94 bed facility. On many occasions 2 CNAs and 2 L...
  6. New LPN student has questions

    Don't get all worked up now!!! (Wait until classes start) I'm a 5th quater LPN student and yes it is a lot of hard work but you can do it. Remember stay focussed and pat yourself on the back for every accomplishment thus far. You are not going to be ...