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    I know we are constantly bombarding HMO's and Insurance Companies with bad press. The need for health care among Americans is great, but as with any business there most be a profit or it is not feasible to supply. I pose a question to all: When does the insurance company get their rights? We all want insurance for everybody and think people should get high dollar medicines and referrals at the insurance companies/government expense. But, what about people who don't follow medical advice, drinking alcohol, smoking, overweight etc, should the insurance company now be able to not pay because the patient is non-compliant? A majority a health care problems are caused by non-compliance and can be controlled if not corrected by lifestyle changes. People have to be responsible for their own health. That is the premises of prevention.
  2. That is correct fergus, I am NOT criticizing anybodies program. I am just stating that these foriegn nurses pass the same test the U.S. nurses pass and historically that has been the agruement presented on this board for many issues, ADN vs. BSN, etc etc. You might as well get used to it though because foriegn nurses are going to keep on coming. I just read in a Nursing Management article where some aspects of healthcare want the government to lift the limit on foriegn nurses that are allowed to come to the states. They think the can fill all vacancies if this happens.
  3. I find it humurous that some talk about colleges must be at the same level as our and they have to have the same rigorous training to get licensed and yet there are programs here in the states you can get your degree in a year or on line and all I have heard about them is, they pass the same licensing test.
  4. Navy Nurse

    Nursing Shortage in Houston

    I saw where some Houston hositals are going to the agency mentality. They are hiring nurses for short term contracts and paying them bonuses at he end of the contracts, thus bypassing the agencies. Will be interesting to see if other hospitals follow suit and start their own internal agencies.
  5. Navy Nurse

    300 Louisianna RNs apply for Minnesota license

    You hit it on the head Pooh. Nurses can BS all they want to about want they really want, but the bottom line is money. There is very little loyality at hospitals. Ones that can job switch frequently looking for more money. Then when they get the money the complain about conditions.
  6. Navy Nurse

    Does your hosp differentiate between nurses re pay?

    Most hospitals have a "red line" as to how high a nurses salary can go. Then they use incentive pay (BSN, Certifications) to raise the salary.
  7. Navy Nurse

    How much for sign on bonus in your area?

    Seen anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 for a four year contract.
  8. Navy Nurse

    Salary Negotiation

    My wife and I just finished negotiating a job offer from a hospital. Just let me say don't always focus on pay, negotiate on benefits also. We got a good deal but it took about two weeks for the process to finalize.
  9. Navy Nurse

    Nursing is like the military...rank has meaning

    Civilian Nursing is nothing like the military....Rank and education are completely different. I can assure you there are nurses in the military whose boss doesn't have the same education but more rank. In Navy nursing the higher in rank you go the more you move out of patient care and into administration.
  10. Navy Nurse

    Tired of the BSN, ADN, LPN, CNA argument

    You need a BSN for Nursing Management. Tell that to my ADN mother-in-law making over 100K a yr as a CNO. This title issue has been around as long as I have been in Nursing. I remember when we were going to call ADN's and Diploma Nurses "Technical Nurses" and BSN and higher were to be called "Professional Nurses". From the Navy standpoint we tried this a few years back and it is still creating chaos in the system, even the the progra has long since been terminated. I think that everyone who says that getting their BSN hasn't helped them, is probably looking at the financial side of the issue. Granted you don't make that much more money, but you should have self gratification.
  11. Navy Nurse

    sex offenders in texas ordered to put up signs

    Being from Texas, it is great to take the lead and try to make things right. I do however think this idea is not good. It looks very discriminating to me. Why do we just punish the sex offender? Where are the signs and car stickers for people convicted of Drug, DWI, Murder crimes, etc? What about prostitutes and people convicted of solicting prostitutes? What about spouse and child beaters? Wouldn't you want to know if they live in the neighbor. I am not against signs, I just think it is unfair to single out one group without including the whole group of criminals.
  12. Navy Nurse

    Issues in Nursing Question

    I am just curious to know. I have read many nusing surveys where they claim that pay is not all that important in what nurses want in the work place. It usually goes along, patient ratio, good administration, safe workplace and yet I never see any post that ask about these issues. It is always about money. So why do the surveys say money is not that important but that seems to be all that most nurses focus on?
  13. Navy Nurse

    What can you do with your pay?

    According to Money magazine, 1 out of 5 American couples make over $100,000 dollars a yr. There is you a measuring tool. To answer your questions: 1) Yes own a house in upper middle class neighbor hood. 2) Own a 1999 Pathfinder, 1995 Volvo, 96 Mercury 98 Nissan Sentra and 98 Ford Escort 3) Pay for 2 kids in college 4) Eat healthy 5) Try to attend one conference a year 6) Take trips at least once yearly, going to Australia on Thursday. 7) Belong to an Athletic Club, season ticket holder for local Minor League Pro Hockey Team 8) Kids are older. 9) Contribute to 401K and other investments monthly
  14. Navy Nurse

    Experiences with Army ROTC/Army Nursing?

    Don't know that much about the Army, but agree with what Lori was saying. The ROTC is a great way to pay for school and get military experience. Having been in the Navy for 22 yrs now, of course I am partial to the military, but I also know that it is not a lifestyle for everyone. You can get sent to some pretty desolate places and hard duties, but it can also be a rewarding time in your life. Of course, I believe she should go Navy, everyone knows we have the better looking uniforms. :-)
  15. Navy Nurse

    Leno's show

    Here is where the ANA can make it's voice heard.
  16. Talking to administrators may not change public policy, but it got the nurses a 25%/hr incentive pay raise. You keep paying your dues and calling your congressman and when they pass public law to change nursing and raise your pay give me a call. Then we can multiple the 25%/hr times the number of YEARS it takes the ANA or Congress to act and see who comes out better off.