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Appropriate orientation attire


Hello everyone! I just got my acceptance letter for the Middle Georgia State College Spring '15 BSN program a few days ago. I have a mandatory orientation the third week of December and I'm pretty nervous. I was hoping that someone out there could advise me on what to expect and definitely WHAT TO WEAR. I want to be sure that I am fully prepared and appropriately dressed for this. This is the first topic I've posted, so I hope to get a response!


Lauren Pupek

Following.....I was thinking about the same thing today....I am leaning toward Nice jeans and a cute top....look nice but not over do it.....but I have been a stay at home mom for the last 8 years...I'm not well versed in these things lol I'm more knowledgeable in appropriate attire for playing with preschoolers and volunteering at school

Thank you for responding, TLizS! I was considering that too. I want to look presentable, but not over do it like you said. I don't want to stand out lol. And I understand that..I am not well versed in this either! I am used to just showing up for class in whatever feels comfortable. I am sure we will both get the hang of it though!

Congrats on your acceptance!

i think you should just dress simple yet professional - i.e. Collared shirt and slacks or nice jeans.

JBudd, MSN

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Business casual, slacks and a blouse.


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Business casual...

Pepper The Cat, BSN, RN

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I would not wear jeans. Our hospital CEO hates jeans so no one wears them. Better to show up slightly overdressed than under dressed. Business casual at the very least. No scents. Tidy hair. Look professional. Not "cute".

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

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You are speaking of your nursing program orientation not a new job orientation...correct?

Either way, I would say go with business casual. I didn't have to attend my ADN program orientation but my RN to BSN orientation stated business casual. My new job orientation also states specifically NO JEANS. They do suggest business casual or scrubs.

Business casual is the best way to go, you aren't overdressed if others are wearing casual. A pair of slacks and a sweater or blouse and a pair of flats should be fine.

Business casual, period. In no way should anything you're wearing be described as cute or trendy. Nothing tight-fitting. Nothing that reads in ANY way except clean, well-presented, well-groomed, and professional.

At no point are jeans ever part of 'business casual'. They are not professional, no matter the cut or style. They are still jeans. If you're wearing jeans, that's plain old 'casual', and not the impression you want to give.

Keep jewelry to a minimum and in 'quiet' taste. Nothing that blares "bling", please.

With the access to the internet and therefore access to definitions of things such as 'business casual', I'm frequently surprised by what people show up wearing---when SPECIFICALLY told to wear BC.

For warm weather, no flip flops, no shorts, no short skirts, no spaghetti-strapped tops, nothing low cut or tight, no t-shirts with graphics.

For cold weather....also none of the above!

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

Has 10 years experience.

Just a friendly suggestion...get rid of your full name at the bottom of your post. :)