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vokaybo has 30 years experience and specializes in NICU, Acute Rehab, Med/Surg, Quality.

Work as Clinical Quality Analyst at local hospital; currently in school for MSN; CMSRN certified

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  1. I have an interview coming up at a community college for a nursing faculty position. What type of questions should I expect?
  2. vokaybo

    DNP Online ;Chamberlain vs. Grand Canyon U

    Grand Canyon University is a real school on campus and online. You can do either. Some nurses have to work to support family and do not have the time to attend classes on a physical campus. I obtained my BSN from GCU and plan to do my DNP there. I would like to add that it was one of the hardest programs I have completed. It was harder than my AASN or MSN.
  3. vokaybo

    Grand Canyon DNP Program

    I am planning on doing my DNP at GCU. I obtained my BSN from there. I am about through with my MSN at another college and want to go back to GCU.
  4. Any input from anyone on choice of schools for DNP? Grand Canyon is my Alma Mater but I like Chamberlain's set up. Any advice from grads of either program?
  5. vokaybo

    GCU DNP Aug 18,2016

    No but I am inquiring about beginning it in the summer next year. I would love some feedback. I got my BSN through GCU and loved it. I am about to enter my capstone for my MSN at another college but want to move back to GCU for my DNP. Can you keep this posting up to date and let me know your progress?
  6. vokaybo

    Anybody you know leave the field of nursing?

    My husband is a RN and he left nursing after only 2 years of practice. He keeps up his license for a backup plan but he went back into the electrical field where he makes 4x the money as an industrial electrician. He had taken a position in ICU just to get his foot in the door.He hated being in ICU and wanted to do Outpatient and Inpatient surgery but every time he applied they would choose someone else. He was really stressed and just couldn't take it anymore. He is much happier now.
  7. vokaybo

    Online DNP

    Can anyone tell me from first hand experience about any "totally online" DNP programs? I am looking at Grand Canyon University currently as I completed my BSN through them. The school I am attending and about to graduate with my MSN from, does not offer doctorate degrees in nursing. I just want to know what all my options are. I do not want to travel anywhere for even orientation. Thanks...
  8. My friend Cindy is taking the class as Excelsior called HSC 312. It is an ethics class. She is trying to complete her final project Ethics HSC 312 final project compiled case studies Has anyone had this class? She just needs help understanding the instructions for the final paper.
  9. Has anyone had any of the following instructors for their MSN education capstone at Excelsior. PM me with comments Dr. Bitar, Dr. Beardsley, Dr. Theiss, Dr. O'Donnell, or Dr. Treschuk?
  10. vokaybo

    Excelsior MSN, Capstone-ing!

    Pixie, Did you finish? I am in 521 and 551 right now. I have 680 in the summer and then the capstone in the Fall. I am really having a nervous fit about these courses. Are they fairly straightforward? Leary about two classes at the same time.
  11. vokaybo

    Seasoned nurses education

    After 28 years with an Associate degree, I earned my BSN and now I am working on my Masters. I think it is very important to keep going and keep growing. I am 48 years old however. I don't think if I were 60 or over I would want to go back to school that close to retirement age. But who knows...I once worked with a nurse who was 80 years old and could outwork everyone around her. Education is one thing that can never be taken from you. You can lose just about everything in life but the knowledge you gain through education is yours to keep so it is never a bad thing to further your education. I wish I had done it sooner.
  12. vokaybo


    Forgot one thing.... If you could get your CNA and go to work some hospitals will pay you to go to RN school if you sign a contract with them to work for so many years after graduation. Also, many will reimburse you after you pass each class so you would pay for the class up front and when you pass, they would reimburse you for it. You could then use that money to pay for the next class.
  13. vokaybo


    I don't know where you live, if you are straight out of highschool, how good your grades are or what but Kentucky has a college called Berea College that is free if you can get in. One of my friends went there and another friend's daughter is going there now. Like I said, I don't know your situation but if you are nearby it might be worth a shot. They have a great nursing program. If this is not an option, have you considered a student loan? Some states, like North Carolina, will pay off your nursing student loan if you will stay in the state and work for a few years after graduation. Check into your state. You don't have to pay student loans until 6 months after you graduate and you wouldn't have to pay them long if your state will pay them off for you. That is all the advice I have...
  14. vokaybo

    I am angry...

    Make a complaint with your state board of nursing first. Issues dealing with narcotics are usually mandatory to report. File a grievance with your HR department against your supervisor and complete an incident report as to what you found. Speak with your Risk Manager. The BON will likely discipline the supervisor for failing to report. The pharmacy will have to file a report with the DEA. Drug screens will likely be administered to all personnel who worked the days the documentation was forged to test for diversion. Our facility does hair drug tests. It could be that whoever did this is selling them also so they may not test positive themselves. Don't let this go unaddressed.
  15. Housewife
  16. vokaybo

    Failed out of BSN Program, What Now?

    Try Tri-County Community College in Murphy, NC. It is about an hour and a half from Kennesaw and there are several Georgia students that attend there. He could at least get his ADN and then could do BSN online.