29 applications in and still no job!!!

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I graduated a few months back, passed NCLex last month on my first try, had good grades and excellent references but little job history as I was a stay at home mom for most of my adult life. I've now put in 29 applications and haven't even gotten a call for an interview!!! I'm not sure what to think but this is getting to be discouraging and my husband is losing patience with being the only support for the family. SIGH

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where have you applied to? try to broaden your range to places that are further. I'd also recommend calling to check up on the status of your application. apply for part time and per diem positions, whatever to get your foot in first. volunteer right now while you're unemployed to prove that you're doing something.

I'm sure you're doing most of these already. Good luck on the Job Search! =]

29? I'm not sure if you're serious. I have sent out 100 applications until I found a job. it's not easy for us anymore. don't get discouraged.

I am serious in that many of those I went to nursing school with got interviews and got hired with less than 10 applications submitted. So actually your example is encouraging in a perverse way! I am starting to look out of my local area and take some of the other suggestions that I've heard.

Be glad you did not graduate in 2008, when economy fell. Only NOW are my peers getting steady well paying RN jobs. And we got our BSN's! Be glad you are still considered a New Grad and not an Old Stale Grad. Yes, it sucks out there. Yes, I am jaded, but working on it. :)

Since graduation three months ago, I've had 3 interviews out of, now close to, 300 applications within a 50-60 mile radius. Clearly, there are jobs out there, but keep in mind, the ratio is for every job, there are easily 100 applicants. Keep trying and applying; it'll happen.

I graduated in May, took NCLEX 2 weeks later and have since applied to more than 100 positions. I haven't gotten a single call back so far. If I keep applying someone eventually will call back, right? I think my next step will be going into HR and giving them my resume. It is definitely very frustrating.

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29 applications and one month of waiting is not a lot at all. There are graduates who have sent out 100's of applications and been waiting 6 months+ for an interview. New graduate nurses are simply not in demand. Make sure you have a stellar resume (consider a professional service) and great references. Apply to jobs in rural areas and positions outside of the hospital.

I sent out over 100 applications in three different states over the course of three months. Out of all those applications, I got two calls for interviews. Just be patient and keep applying.

Thank you all for your input. It helps to know I'm not really out of the ordinary here. Maybe it's the pressure from the hubby. He thinks I'm not trying. So in addition to continuing to put in 3-4 applications a day, I also made an appt with a counselor.

and so, after these 100's of applications in many states, you guys did get jobs, right?

and so, after these 100's of applications in many states, you guys did get jobs, right?

Kind of. Still waiting on one potential. The other job, I don't start until August--I accepted the offer back in early-mid May and was supposed to start early June, so there's still a chance I may not have that job. But I'm not currently working.

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Where are you located? I know that there are jobs here in California and my friend told me that some of the hospitals in Atlanta, GA are hiring.

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