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  1. A~L~B

    'Marking' for IV sticks, safe?

    We have an infrared vein finder at work. I stick in the dark. But I also work pedi and always have a second set of hands in the room to turn on the light when I need it.
  2. A~L~B

    Difficult decision

    I have been a PICU nurse for a year and a half. Before this I was in adult ICU. I did my first year in the PICU at a large teaching hospital. Med/surg, trauma, liver, kidney, multivisceral transplants with cardiac thrown in here and there. 6 months ago I got hired into a cardiac PICU very close to my house. I stayed per diem at my former job and have recently been asked to come back full time with a decent raise in pay. Benefits are about the same. I love the variety and the teaching aspect of the teaching hospital. But I also love my cardiac babies and the environment of the hospital and I feel I still have lots of room to learn and grow. I am so torn between the two jobs. If I could I would love to do both but time does not permit! I would appreciate any suggestions to help with this decision .
  3. I also did this program with HCA. One year in I accepted a job at a different hospital. I was fully prepared to pay my way out. I left seven months ago and am now back per diem once a week. I have never been asked to pay the remainder.
  4. A~L~B

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    Miami Florida Pediatric ICU 1 year experience $25.54 hourly $6.00 differential from 7p-7a $3.15 weekend $.75 /hour parking reimbursement Union
  5. HCA hospitals pay around $23-$24 as a new grad. Memorial pays around $21-$22. Not sure about the Tenet or Cleveland clinic.
  6. A~L~B

    New grad position in S. Florida???

    Nurse2B-I'm nearing the end of the same new grad program, mine started in July. 2 more weeks and I'm on hospital payroll! I feel so lucky to have a job. It was a tough 6 weeks in the classroom! So much information, simulations, computer modules from home, and the exam at the end. Are you in the ED course or is there a new med-surg/telemetry/ICU? I was in the combo course for ICU. I feel like I was much better prepared to be in the hospital after 6 weeks of classroom. Good luck to you!
  7. A~L~B

    White scrub bottoms

    Most definitely Koi. They have the best white bottoms, the Linsey model.
  8. A~L~B

    Shocked by new grads at job fair

    Thank you. I am a new grad with an interview next week. This gives me hope that I might get the job.
  9. A~L~B

    2 weeks 20+plus Applications

    I have been applying since the 2nd week in May. I think I have around 150 applications out there. The only response I have gotten back is: we do not have any positions for new grads at this time. I have applied in hospitals as well as LTC, Dialysis, Home Health pretty much anything that doesn't exclude new grads. I am signed up to do immunization clinic starting in August. It is very, very frustrating. When and if I ever get a call for an interview I will be shocked!
  10. A~L~B

    So what are these "other" jobs we NG can go for?

    I'm signed up for immunization nurse starting in August. Do a google search and the company should come right up.
  11. A~L~B

    29 applications in and still no job!!!

    I graduated in May, took NCLEX 2 weeks later and have since applied to more than 100 positions. I haven't gotten a single call back so far. If I keep applying someone eventually will call back, right? I think my next step will be going into HR and giving them my resume. It is definitely very frustrating.
  12. A~L~B

    New grad position in S. Florida???

    ACLS and PALS were a little stressful as an inexperienced nurse. I took them at Broward College and they were each two days long. I studied for them for a couple of weeks before.
  13. A~L~B

    New grad position in S. Florida???

    I have applied to a couple of the new grad programs with no response. It is very discouraging but I also know that it will take time. Tenet doesn't even change the status or send an email to let you know that you aren't being considered I just got PALS and ACLS certifications to make myself more marketable.
  14. A~L~B

    New grad position in S. Florida???

    Hi PrincessO, I'm a May 2012 grad, licensed since May 18th. I have applied to many, many positions with no luck. The only response I get is an email explaining that they have "gone with someone more qualified". This weekend I decided that I might as well start applying at LTC and see if I get anything. I know that the census is low in the summer. Even when I was doing my last clinical rotation in April there were nurses being called off for low census. I have been hired at an immunization clinic that begins in August. For now I will try to be patient....
  15. A~L~B

    Studied for 6 days, passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions

    First, Congratulations to you! I had the same attitude as you about NCLEX. I graduated May 4th, got my ATT on the 16th and took the exam on the 17th. I figured that the worst that could happen is that I would fail. But I didn't. I did well throughout nursing school and got well above the recommended score on our halfway and final HESI exams. Even if I would have studied for months I don't think I would ever have come across most of the questions I was asked. Especially not the 30 SATA questions!
  16. A~L~B

    30 SATA on NCLEX

    Side effects of medications, disease process S&S, prioritization, pt education. All of these were included in my SATA questions. Out of the first 12 questions I had 9 select all. The great news is that I got my license notification from the Florida Board of Nursing at 8:00 this morning. Test status "PASS". I only had to wait around 18 hours from the end of my test. Pearson doesn't even have my fast results ready yet!