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I have been a PICU nurse for a year and a half. Before this I was in adult ICU. I did my first year in the PICU at a large teaching hospital. Med/surg, trauma, liver, kidney, multivisceral transplants with cardiac thrown in here and there. 6 months ago I got hired into a cardiac PICU very close to my house.

I stayed per diem at my former job and have recently been asked to come back full time with a decent raise in pay. Benefits are about the same. I love the variety and the teaching aspect of the teaching hospital. But I also love my cardiac babies and the environment of the hospital and I feel I still have lots of room to learn and grow. I am so torn between the two jobs. If I could I would love to do both but time does not permit! I would appreciate any suggestions to help with this decision .

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This is a decision only you can make! If you are happier caring for the cardiac patients stay there, otherwise go back to your old job. Be honored that they are asking you to come back, but stay where you will be the happier.



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How about going per diem in the Cardiac PICU and then regular hours at the large teaching PICU?

It would be about the same as you're doing now, just flip flopping.