Anyone work full time during the day and take lpn classes at night?

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I'm really curious to know how people cope with working full time during the day and taking classes at night. I've been a member here for a short time now and I've found the information on here extremely useful. I applied to a school for their LPN program (still waiting to hear back). Quitting my day job is not an option. My fear is that I won't have enough time to study or that I will just fall apart under the pressure? Im a hard worker and do not want to fail. Luckily this school follows the local public school schedule so there will definitely be fall breaks and holidays, things of that nature. I'm hoping those days off will help alleviate the stress. The day program is 15 months and the evening program is 20 months. There are other programs nearby but most only follow a daytime schedule, again, not an option since I have to remain working. I know a few RN's and some of them have told me not to bother with the LPN program because I might as well enroll in a school to earn my associates. BUT I also know a few LPN's that LOVE LOVE LOVED their choice (most are in or are planning to enroll in LPN to RN program in the near future). Bottom line is, they all love their jobs.......

Here's the big question of the day for me:

How do you guys do it? As in handle working/attending school. I'd really love to know.

I hope some of you will post your experiences for us. Thank you! xoxo

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i did it. i worked during the day and did evening/weekend option. my days were around 16-20 hours long sometimes.

alot of caffeine, alot of prayers, alot of all nighters, alot of support from friends and family. my advice to you would be to never lose sight of your goal. no matter how hard it is, push through it and keep telling yourself it will be worth it in xxx amount of days (i had a running countdown to graduation from day 1). i graduated with a 4.0.

good luck in your studies and in your future nursing career! :)

As a former PN evening instructor, I worked all day before teaching. It can be done. I felt the same fatigue level every student did. I am very proud of all my students who worked by day and school by night and graduated and now are LPNS.

It is very possible! I work 40 hours graveyard (10 hour shifts). 5 days school. (Lecture 3 days a week and 2 days at clinicals.) I'm 3 weeks away from graduating and it's well worth it. About 70% of my classmates work graveyards so we have a little support group. I do most of my studying and homework at work during downtime. Good luck

I am doing it now also! I work monday thru friday 7am - 4pm and I am in LPN school from 5pm -10pm monday thru friday. I work as a CNA every other Saturday and Sunday and while it is very very hard...i am doing it! I will be done with my LPN course in July

Be careful though - I know at my school working the graveyard before a clinical is not allowed and you are sent home. I had to quit my job because of this!

I did it, I worked fulltime during the day. I worked till 3p.m. left work and classes started at 4p.m. classes until 9p.m. and clinical nights were until 10 or 10:30 p.m. If I had to do it all over again, I would work more weekends in order to have some days off during the week. You will be able to do it, but it will take some sacrifice. Remember to make time for you and your family.... Time management......... :)

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I'm doing it now, and I must admit I do feel the pressure. I've even come to the conclusion that I may need at least one day a week off, or atleast a half day once a week will help. I work mon-Friday 8-4, class is from 5:30-8:30, clinicals is on the weekends. Between exams, case studies, careplans, projects, and studying I sometimes feel like I won't even make it. My grades have dropped and the courses are only getting harder. I just pray that I'll be able to keep my head above waters. I have no choice but to work, however I'm willing to take a pay cut to pursue goal. Gods willing I'll be an LPN by July 09, and with Gods grace I know I'll make it. I have to admit Its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but I know its there. Each day that goes by I mark that day off my calendar and know that I'm closer to my goal. Good luck to everyone else, hopefully we can all keep each other encouraged.

Honey it can be done, I work graveyard and go to school and am a single parent, I live off maybe 4 hours of sleep monday-thursday but I finish school in the fall!!! You can do it, its hard but it can be done.

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I also begin LPN night school in Sept and my biggest fear is having to work and doing well in my studies!!! I want this more than anything and I am determined as I read all of your comments that have made it, it does put me at ease a bit to know that it can be done! :heartbeat thank you.

I am doing it now also! I work monday thru friday 7am - 4pm and I am in LPN school from 5pm -10pm monday thru friday. I work as a CNA every other Saturday and Sunday and while it is very very hard...i am doing it! I will be done with my LPN course in July


I did it! And so can you. I graduated in Januay of this yr. It was not easy working 40 hrs a week and going to school at night. I coudn't afford to cut back on my hours at work. I only had 4 hrs of sleep each night. We also had class on Saturdays. Only day off I had was Sunday. Alot of us in the evening class had work in the moring. Thanks to Starbucks I was able to stay up and made it through lectures and clinicals. I would read during my break time at work and lunch break at school and on my day off.

"Yes you can!"

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