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  1. CTNurse2B

    Need a good idea!

    Okay so today I just got my new Littmann Cardiology III and I did not have the option to get it engraved, but I def do not want it to grow legs at school so I am desperate for a craft way to mark it as mine! It is plum so it is too dark to write on with Sharpie..and idk if I would want to do that anyway. Are the nametags easily removable? Any creative ideas are appreciated! Thank you!
  2. CTNurse2B

    I am buying my first stethoscope. Input?

    I got my Littmann Cardiology III today and I LOVE it!! Great sound and quality.
  3. CTNurse2B

    Lincoln Tech Question!

    Bumping this:-)
  4. CTNurse2B

    Lincoln tech New Britain

    Well, just because hospitals do not hire LPNs does not mean that there are no jobs. There are 25,991 elderly people in nursing facilities in CT alone, and even more in home care. Not to mention doctors offices and clinics that utilize LPNs in all age groups/specialities. Also, ECHN still hires LPNs.
  5. CTNurse2B

    Lincoln Tech Question!

    For those who went to Lincoln Tech can you tell me a little bit about orientation. I am attending next week in New Britain, CT but I imagine orientation is pretty much the same at each of the schools in all states. Is there anything I have to bring, what should I wear, anything I should be prepared for? I got a letter in the mail, but it was vague! Thank you!!
  6. CT pixie did you by any chance go to Lincoln Tech?
  7. CTNurse2B


    Hi runningmom, I had not yet even considered the reserves! Hubby does not retire for another 17 years so I am not sure we want to wait that long to go active duty. We like the idea of traveling and moving down south hopefully (its cold in CT!) but yes him leaving his job that he's worked so hard for is a problem so maybe I will look into it! Thanks for your help - are you in the reserves?
  8. CTNurse2B


    Hi, I am still a nursing student, and an LPN, and about 3 years (give or take) from having a BSN, but I am strongly considering some form of military nursing. I am thinking Navy mostly because I love the water and the beach, but I have some questions. I'd also be interested in knowing the same things about any other branch that has nurse corps as well! I know I have to talk to a recruiter but I dont want them to sugercoat it so I'd rather get the answers from you guys if you'd be so kind:yeah: 1) My husband would be quitting his job as a state trooper to move wherever we are sent, is there plenty to do on base to keep him entertained? As I am not sure he'd be working because of all the moving. 2) What is military base housing really like? Is it better to live off base? I like the idea of having the tight knit base community but is the housing actually nice? We just built a brand new house and I would feel bad uprooting us into not-so-great conditions. Also are dogs allowed on base? We have one and he is a part of the family, according to my husband:icon_roll 3) What is the maternity leave like if there is any? We don't have kids yet, but we will try probably a year or two into the service committment. 4) What is your favorite part about the nurse corps? 5) Deployment - average length, time, are you on the ship or in the field? 6) What is the 5 week training period like for Navy? Also, is there bootcamp involved with the other branches (e.g. Army, Air Force) Thanks in advance everyone:bowingpur