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  1. Bell13

    I'm Stuck - Need to Make a Quick Decision

    Nurse Beth gave you bad advice. I agree with above, school cannot change curriculum for the time period you enrolled. They can change it for incoming students but not existing. Make a stink and do not give up without a fight!
  2. Bell13

    Should I give up my dream job or risk my marriage?

    Maybe I am selfish but I do not understand why you have to give in instead of your husband for the second time. You dont mention whether his job is more income or more 'important' but it sounds like you are the one that always has to make the adjustments.
  3. Bell13

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    What state and specialty?
  4. Bell13

    OR Newbie Bullying

    All the orientees have brought it to the attn of the educator. We dk if anything was said but he seems slightly better. Nothing detrimental to sterile field or patient. Everyone basically sets up the same. Small differences here and there. But Completely diff person behind OR doors. For example idk all the cases yet and i was told to pay attn. i was paying attn but since i wasnt sure what the dr needed i was made to feel like an idiot. Im pretty sure no one can know everything after a month but perfection is expected. I can take critique n use it going forward but tone n the what is said can be unnecessary.
  5. Bell13

    OR Newbie Bullying

    Recently landed an OR position. Orientation is approx 6 months. The unit is great. Everyone pretty much works as a team and offers lots of input/knowledge. After learning the basics we have begun double scrubbing and double circulating. I am not perfect at either, but I am only a month in. I do not jeopardize patient safety or sterility. For the most part everyone is a good teacher however there is one exception. One particular person denotes sarcasm whenever you do something he doesnt like- it could be the way you set your back table up or your mayo table or even how u gown the surgeon. These things are important but minuet to me. I will get a feel for things and create a better flow for myself as time goes on. I am glad the expectation is high but when there is continuous criticism it deflates ur confidence and performance. I do not get offended easily and I can easily brush off side comments and/or attitudes but this particular person has made me miserable inside. I am glad when I am not paired with him. Huge sigh of relief. All the other orientees feel the same about this person. What can I say or do to make this unnecessary bull stop? It does not help in any way, shape, or form. I highly doubt this person was perfect and knew every case one month in or what instruments to anticipate handing over. I let the behavior slide too long and I have had enough. I dont want to make the work environment uncomfortable and I am not giving up but I feel the issue needs to be addressed.
  6. Bell13

    Chamberlain University: RN-BSN Online

    University of texas at arlington, wgu, fort hayes.
  7. Bell13

    St. Peter's University Hospital Internship

    hi DorothyRN, any updates on the internship? would love to know how the program was and if you were hired. thanks!
  8. Bell13

    Chamberlain University: RN-BSN Online

    Very true. It also depends on the transferred and/or proficiency credits.
  9. Bell13

    Chamberlain University: RN-BSN Online

    Any luck? I found three others under $20k
  10. Bell13

    Chamberlain University: RN-BSN Online

    I agree. Its about $20-30k depending on your needs so it can be pricey for some people. I thought i would be enrolling in March but I feel continuous pressure from their offices asking me to call them. I dont have time to sit and chit chat on the phone to go over every process. This isnt my first time in school so i am a bit annoyed by that. I found a few schools that are cheaper so now idk what to do.
  11. Bell13

    Best Online Programs under $25k

    thank you. I looked online and it seems like there are quite a few nursing classes to take and flat fee pricing per 6 months. if u really stack up on classes u can finish sooner n cheaper. Unfortunatly with work i know it would take me longer.
  12. There is an inpatient dialysis unit in every hospital in a 40 mile radius from me. Id say its pretty common
  13. Bell13

    Bullied by Clinical Instructor

    Dont let this go so easily. Your instructor is a bully. Wipe those tears and handle your business!
  14. I have been trying to conduct research on this topic and have found it to be very difficult, especially with a budget of under $25k. What RN-BSN online program did you attend? Was the program organized? Also was the all in total under $25k? Only info for online programs please. Thank you!
  15. Bell13

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    RNMatthew. Plus the pay isnt bad either. Lol. Best of luck. I would love to hear more about the picu. Keep me updated on how ur doing. Always been my dream to be in nicu or picu.