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  1. Bell13

    Acceptance to Muhlenberg school of nursing

    hello ladies. i know this post is older but i was wondering how everyone was liking muhlenberg and trinitas? please let me know, input would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  2. Bell13

    Middlesex County Vo

    no problem. i'm sure you will. the test is fairly easy. simple math and some reading if i remember correctly. but i took it last year. i know a friend of mine failed but that is because she didn't realize the paper was double sided so please dont make that mistake. good luck! i know a few people that graduated from the program and they are all doing well.
  3. Bell13

    Middlesex County Vo

    @megh it usually takes less than a month
  4. Bell13

    Ramapo students/graduates!!

    Hi Amanda I see no one replied to any of your posts but I hope you are still using allnurses. I actually have a question for you so please inbox me whenever you check your messages. Thanks
  5. Bell13

    Fairleigh Dickinson University- FDU Nursing

    My daughter applied to FDU last year and was accepted. It was over $30k and $40k with housing. I gotta be honest with you though, for that amount of money the science classrooms were outdated and antiquated. There was garbage on the floors in the hallways and stairways throughout the campus. I have toured many campus' and those were complete turn offs. From what I heard about UMDNJ their program is tougher to get into.
  6. Hello everyone, best of luck to all applying! I applied for the program at MCC in July 2009 and took the TEAS in January 2010. They did raise their GPA requirements for Fall 2011 and they now require at least 76% on your TEAS. Over the course of the year I worked on some of my science classes just 'in case' I got in. I'm so glad I did because it helped lighten my workload tremendously. I can recommend great teachers for A&P and Microbiology so if you need that info let me know.
  7. Bell13

    Student Need Shoe Recommendations -

    I really don't understand why either but I don't want to make a big stink about it. Thanks for the info ladies!
  8. Hello allnurses! I am beginning clinicals in a few weeks and we have a long list of DON'TS as part of our footwear requirement. I am having trouble finding nursing shoes in the stores that fit this requirement. I would like something more modern too and not the traditional looking shoe. Any footwear suggestions or help would be appreciated! List of Don'ts No Crocs No Croc-like shoes No sneakers No sneaker-like waves on sole No sling backs No clogs No holes or heel showing Requirement - white, working-service shoes. Argh!
  9. @Tyler...wow. you make the entire program sound so horrible. i hope you passed and were able to 'learn' even though these obstacles were in your way.
  10. wow. thanks for the info supersam. I was accepted into the program so I am super excited, nervous, and anxiously awaiting my first day!
  11. Well I applied for the Fall 2010 program and waiting to hear back from MCC (announcements are in mid-April). A year of prereqs are a good idea especially if you have been out of school for a few years. You can always meet with an advisor as a walk-in and they can tell you what you should take. Chemistry (I believe is good for 10 years) and Biology is 5 years. All the information is available online so you can def print it out from there. They also require you to take the TEAS test but from my understanding they look at your TEAS scores, overall GPA, and some other factors. Muhlenberg is also taking applications for Fall and Spring 2011 so you can try them as well. The biggest thing I have heard is that the program is difficult (at both schools) but it's Nursing....I expect some difficulty. Hope this helped. Oh and there is a wait list, that is determined by how many people accept their initial invitation. If people do not accept they turn to the waiting list of potential students. I was told there are approximately 125 spots and over 500 applicants. Good luck!
  12. Bell13

    Vent: COBRA insurance, seriously??

    i didn't read the other posts to you vent but COBRA legally has 30 or 45 days to forward you the COBRA paperwork after you get laid off. soooo if your last day of insurance was on 1/26/10, they have until March 13th to forward it to you. At that time you will be able to apply for ARRA which is the subsidy. If you qualify you will only be required to pay 35% of the insurance total, 65% is covered by the employer. So if you already know you will be charged $1000 you will end up paying $350 per month. You can apply for ARRA right online when you receive your paperwork. The next thing is that if you choose to take COBRA you can pay the initial insurance payment which will be 2-3 months of payments and they will retroactively so back to you last date of coverage, so if you know you will be taking the COBRA coverage you can still go to the doctor if needed.
  13. Bell13

    MCC nursing students accepted gpa's

    did u ever get into middlesex's nursing program? i'm taking the teas this w/e...any advice
  14. hello all. wondering if any of you enrolled at MCC for their nursing program after your acceptance? if yes, how do you like it? if not, what other route did you take? i applied for Fall 2010 so any info I can get would be appreciated. thanks everyone!