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  1. Bell13

    I'm Stuck - Need to Make a Quick Decision

    Nurse Beth gave you bad advice. I agree with above, school cannot change curriculum for the time period you enrolled. They can change it for incoming students but not existing. Make a stink and do not give up without a fight!
  2. Bell13

    Should I give up my dream job or risk my marriage?

    Maybe I am selfish but I do not understand why you have to give in instead of your husband for the second time. You dont mention whether his job is more income or more 'important' but it sounds like you are the one that always has to make the adjustments.
  3. Bell13

    Can't Get Out of Dialysis...Help

    I apologize if i jumped to conclusions. Its been a very difficult journey for me and just needed some insight.
  4. Bell13

    Can't Get Out of Dialysis...Help

    Thank u schnookimz. I really am trying. I pray my efforts will eventually help give me a chance to expand and do something i love. Glad you love the OR. I hear some people love it or hate it. I thought it was extremely interesting when i visiting during my clinicals. The drs n nurses worked so well together.
  5. Bell13

    Can't Get Out of Dialysis...Help

    These are all various hospitals and locations, not just one or two. And i write a custom cover letter for each. I am not going to 'fall' into the specialty i enjoy the most. I made that mistake the first time and never got an offer. as the months went by i needed a job so i took the first offer when i started to branch out and apply to a variety of positions. You really dont know the specifics so its difficult for you to jump to a conclusion and say im desperate. I was asking for outsider input as to what can make someone more marketable or tips. Not to put me down.
  6. Bell13

    Can't Get Out of Dialysis...Help

    Thanks. No I guess the saying its not what you know, its who you know can come into effect. I will keep applying everywhere. When I say I am applying everywhere I really am. Anything that comes up. Even the dreaded 7p-7a shift
  7. Bell13

    Can't Get Out of Dialysis...Help

    I already have my acls. Cant work in acute dialysis without it. And i am in a hospital in a dialysis unit. I switched from chronic to acute.
  8. I am a 'newer' grad. Licensed in 12/12 and landed my first job in dialysis in Feb 13. I learned alot but its not exactly where I want to be. I changed over to acute dialysis and after 10 months I know it is not for me. I have been applying for months and cannot manage to even get a bite. Any helpful tips or advice? I have revamped my resume a few times, had other people offer resume input, and still nothing. Help!?!!!
  9. Bell13

    overtime laws in PA

    I think you are confusing OT laws. its usually by day, not weekly. you should approach your manager because as long as you do not speak up they will continue scheduling you. I used to work in a dialysis clinic so I am aware of the shortage. the same thing happened in our unit but you always can say no. as far as OT goes the law here is anything over 16 hrs per day requires u take an 8 hr rest period. good luck, and stand up for yourself!
  10. Bell13

    Job Offer in Acute Dialysis in NJ-Salary??Help

    you can either choose 3-12s or 4-10s. and on any of those days you can be required to do OT based on the census. the pay goes up $1 after 6 months
  11. Hello all. I was recently offered a position in acute dialysis nursing for $32/hr. I was expecting $35/hr so I was not thrilled. I'm still going over the pros/cons in my head so I wanted to touch base with you and see what starting salary would be considered "good" for this position. I am a fairly new grad with one year experience in chronic dialysis. I understand the challenges expected with acute patients and would like my salary to be in conjunction with my efforts. Input please!
  12. Bell13

    Help! I'm stuck in dialysis...

    I have been a hemodialysis nurse for one year. While I am grateful for the job as a new grad I knew dialysis wasn't for me within the first month. I decided to give it a chance and after 6 months decided to start looking for new employment. I have been submitted resumes like crazy and I have had no bites. I'm beginning to lose my mind. I dread going to work and feel like I'll never get out of here. I won't go into the details of my pros/cons, but I'm losing many of my nursing skills. When I first graduated it seemed like everyone wanted a year or more of experience. Now it seems as though everyone wants certification or two years experience. I can't win! If anyone is out there please give me some tips on how to find employment. I must be doing something wrong. Going crazy in Jerzee@!
  13. Bell13

    Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

    taking the nursing classes and prereqs at the same time is a heavy load. i would recommend getting as much as you can out of the way at your local community college over the summer and in the winter. 1st semester is usually 'the easiest' in content so you may be able to manage one or two classes like english. good luck.
  14. Bell13

    Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

    @Lee17 - Sorry I just saw your question today. Yes I do attend MCC's nursing program and I have nothing bad to say about it. I can't comment on Muhlenberg cause I never attended there, but I did apply there and chose MCC ultimately cause it is closer to my house and there were less req's I would have needed. I do know a few Muhlenberg graduates and they say its a rigorous course, but what Nursing program isn't? The first semester clinical is once a week, same with lecture and lab. I know plenty of people that have worked while going to school and had no problems. I do know that Muhlenberg offers evening courses and clinicals but if your job is flexible you shouldn't have any problems with either choice. Feel free to email me w/ any questions. Good luck !
  15. Bell13

    Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

    ohhh...yeh I wasn't impressed. the stairways/hallways were dirty. There were a ton of students and it felt very high schoolish. Not trying to deter you but just telling you what I saw. We actually saw the dorms too because it was for my daughter and I didn't like those either. The best part was the location. Great shopping area and right across the bridge from Chinatown.

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