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i am an rn i have been for 20 yrs i work ed .my boyfriend is also ed nurse,different facility ,for 25 yrs .we met 5 yrs ago at where he works.i worked there for 1 1/2 .i moved on he stayed .he has worked at that hospital since grad 25 yrs ago.he is a great was my 1st er job and i learned from him all about ed.i have worked cardiothoracic step down been asst nurse manager ,icu/ccu endo /pacu dialysis and now this is my 3rd ed position .we had aalways been friendly but we didn't date till after i left .we have been together 3 yrs now i couldn't be happier .he works 2 12 2 8 hr shifts days and i work 3 12 plus ot ,he does ot also.we take vacation together i always liked to travel and wanted to cruise .now i do with him .we are off to hawaii in 1 week.there is nothing like another nurse to understand what nursing is like now.


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Just got married to another RN this past Sunday! He and I had been travelling in the same social circle for about 3 years (but didn't know each other well) before we ran into each other at the hospital we were both Aides at while attending different nursing schools. A close friendship developed and we started dating. Six months later, we got married on the beach in Hawaii!

We both work nights and as many of the same shifts as we can, but on different units. He is in the Cardiovascular progressive care unit, and I am on the Cardiothoracic Surgery Progressive Care Unit. We are both new grads, having graduated and started working in June.

So far it is working great for us! It is nice having someone who can empathize about the truly awful horrible tear-inducing day you just had. We do get on each other's nerves once in awhile, when we've been working all the same days and spending every waking moment together on our days off. That's when we split up and go do something each of us enjoys without the other.

I got my BSN late in life (35), and then my husband decided to go to nursing school! He got his ADN at age 41. I've been a nurse for almost 9 years, and he for almost 6 years; I work in acute dialysis, he in CCU.

Before we had kids, we used to coordinate our shifts so we would have one or two common days off on week days (we enjoyed hiking, canoeing, going to the beach, etc. at times when these places were least crowded!). Now we have 2-year-old twins, so we coordinate our shifts to avoid day care; if one of us had to work M-F 9-5, we wouldn't be able to do that.

Also, nobody but another nurse could possibly understand!

DeLana :)


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two of my closest friends were nurses married to each other; they worked opposite shifts at the same hospital for years; when the kids were little they came to the hosp and waited in the break room during report. it worked for them for many years!


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sometimes i wish my patner was a nurse, then he may be able to understand some of my rants and raves....he just doesnt get some of them.

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Wow there's alot of nursing couples, I guess it takes another nurse to really understand what it is like...

I love the idea of taking the kids to the brake room for report, my husband and I are likely going to work at the same hospital opposite shifts so that is a great idea-Thanks! Not sure if it will fly there, but worth a shot!


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The stories i've read so far are quite interesting:) I have a boyfriend who is also a nurse and i hope that someday those stories will also be ours.


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I met my hubby in nursing school,diploma program back in the 70's. He is now a CRNA . It was nice to talk to someone who 'understood' how bad those bad days can really be!!! Our kids will never recover from some of our 'interesting' dinner conversations!!! Guess it didn't really affect them too much, the oldest is an EMT, middle a Special Ed teacher and the baby is in med school.

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I am a nurse, my hubby is a paramedic. Talk about horrible hours! LOL! But we have managed to keep it together and find time together!

It is also cool to be able to share frustrations and stories about a work day that is typically so dynamic and complex, and also check with eachother if we need advice on a procedure or tx or a med we don't know too well. Most of the time we don't work with the same patients so we will chat about them using the phrase "Joe or Jane Shmo" just to make sure we aren't breaking any hipaa stuff. But it is very nice to be able to go home and confide feelings and self improvement with your mate!


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Hello to you all-

My husband and I are both aspiring nurses. He was a cop (US Marshal) in a past life and I was an HR professional. We both wanted a change and decided to do it together. He is now a combat medic in the national guard and a full time phlebotomist so he has a jump on me in training and real-life experience related to health care. Educationally, I'm ahead of him and will be starting nursing school this fall. I actually just received my acceptance letter into a highly competitive BSN program in my area YESTERDAY! (It's hard to contain the excitement!)

As much as we love each other though, we drive each other crazy if we take classes together (we're both fairly stubborn and competitive), and I definitely don't think it would be wise for us to work together in the future! :specs:

We have a 3 year old daughter that's along for this crazy ride of nursing school that we'll be on for the next 4+ years (husband wants to be a NP). In fact, one of the many reasons I chose nursing is because I want to be more available to my child than I was when I was stuck at an 8-5 job. I look forward to being an RN like the rest of you :nuke:

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I work with a nurse whose husband works as an RN in the same facility. It's cute how they hand off the 3 kids between shifts. Been doing that since they were babies.

My parents are both RN's, Dad and I actually went to school together and now all 3 of us work in the same ER(it's big). It works out well we go to eachother for questions, advice and then can later talk about situations or cases and learn from each other. My brother is also in nursing school!! I have met a lot of people that are married to other nurses and it seems to work, at least they can understand what your days are like, and why you sometimes just come home so emotionally worn out!! Good Luck with everything.

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