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My parents are both RN's, Dad and I actually went to school together and now all 3 of us work in the same ER(it's big). It works out well we go to eachother for questions, advice and then can later talk about situations or cases and learn from each other. My brother is also in nursing school!! I have met a lot of people that are married to other nurses and it seems to work, at least they can understand what your days are like, and why you sometimes just come home so emotionally worn out!! Good Luck with everything.


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My husband and I are both nurses, Billy is an EN, I'm a new grad RN (previous EN). The good points were that we both knew the pros and cons of shift work, and that we worked in different fields - I worked in an acute care hospital whereas my husband worked in psych. We were also able to advise each other on different concerns, and bounce ideas back and forth, and it was good for de - stressing as well.

However my husband was always on the aggressive response team, and developed a PTSD as a result. He was sent off the floor by his CNM - he had no choice. Now we can't talk nursing, it hurts him too much. He updated his acute care knowledge so he could work in a general hospital. They continually gave him violent patients to special, which was against what was recommended by his doctor. One night he cracked it, walked down to the hospital supervisor, and told them off. The thing was, the patient was on my ward at the time, I was working, and believe me it was not a nice experience!

As such, nursing couples are great, but I do not believe they should work on the same ward together. My husband has kept up his qualifications, but has no desire to return to a profession that has no support for those who are injured while doing their jobs, and I do not blame him.

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