Anyone here in a "nursing couple"?


My husband and I met in nursing school and we graduate together in May. I was wondering if anyone else here is in a married or other relationship with anothe nurse? If so, do you have kids and how do you work your schedules? Do you love it or has it caused problems? I adore my husband and love the fact that we have both chosen the same career, but wonder what life will be like when we graduate!:lol2: :lol2:


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My husband and I are both RNs. We've been in nursing 20yrs each. We've been married 9 yrs. He works nights 7p-7a and I work days. We love it. No daycare. My husb would never switch to days. We have plenty of time togethers since we just work 3 days. We have our time with the kids. When he here's them get home from school that's his wake up call. It has worked out good for us. We always have things to talk about. His sister is a nurse at the same hospital too.


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My boyfriend is an RN too :lol2: I am still a newbie, and he is a nurse with a couple of years of experience, which is so good because I can ask tons of stupid questions :monkeydance:

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Hello to heartlover07 -- I am an RN with 15 years of nursing experience, and my husband is also an RN. He has been nursing for 19 years. We both have received our RNC in med-surg nursing. We met about 4 years before I went to nsg school while I was a ward clerk on a busy medical unit at a city hospital, and at that time, he was a nsg supervisor there.

After finishng nursing school, I left and worked at another similar hospital for 9 years. Long story short, we did end up working as co workers on another wild med-surg unit at the same hospital where we met before I began nsg, and became friends, then began dating when he took a promotion on another unit.

We have been married for almost 3 years, and have a wonderful little boy. I cant speak for everyone, but I have never been happier, and got a wonderful husband and a true best friend as well as a rewarding career!!

God bless!!:kiss


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I met my husband when he was a newbie RN and I was a newbie CNA. (we were "set up" by the RT:p ) We got married the year I started my LPN program and had been married (with a sweet little girl) for 4 years when I FINALLY got my degree!

He has been a nurse for 8 years. I have been a nurse for 6 (LPN/RN) I love being married to another nurse. He totally gets the stress. He is VERY smart and a really good nurse so asking him questions during school was really helpful. (I even call him from the breakroom when I have something that I'm not sure about:LOL)

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Thanks for the welcome :)

It is very encouraging that so far we have handled nursing SCHOOL together, so that is saying alot..:monkeydance:

My husband is going for a job inteview today, and we are trying to figure out if he should ask for days or nights. I think nights would help with dealing with the childcare issue..but still would have to find someone during overlap if he is night shift and I am day shift in the same day.

We already share stories...and we even had a "bonding experience" caring for an incontinent patient that had C-diff last year...not too pleasant but we handled it well....:mad:


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I work with a married couple that work the same 3 days, same shift, different floor. No kids and it works great for them. They usually take lunch together.

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my husband and i are both nurses. for years, we worked straight weekends and loved it! no lines at the ski lift or the movies, there was always a free camp site in the state parks, and plenty of time for banking and other business appointments. now that the child has all sorts of activities on weekends, we can't do that anymore, but i'm looking forward to her graduation so we can go back to weekends!


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my fiance and i are both new graduate nurses. we met in nursing school and have been dating now for one year. i work in peds icu, he works in adult icu. we both will be switched to nights this summer and after a couple years we plan to take travel assignments together. he'd be the perfect travel companion. we want to go to hawaii for a few months and san francisco. it's great to have a partner that knows what i'm talking about when i come home after a bad day.

it's seriously the best.:blushkiss

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I've been married to a great neonatal nurse for 38 years. I managed the NICU and other nursing units when we were married. I then moved on to other jobs in health care. Now that the kids are grown I will start nursing school in the fall. I probably will not go into neonatal nursing. I know I could never measure up to my wife's level of accomplishment in that specialty. I have other interests. Not sure what it will be like having two nurses in the family but I look forward to finding out. I've always had the deepest admiration for nurses. Can't imagine not being married to one. Guess I'll join 'em!


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My wife and I are both RN's. Nursing is a second career for me, but my wife has been an ER/Trauma nurse for 25 years. No kids, she works days and I work nights by choice.

Of course, being the newbie nurse in the family, I have to defer to her medical knowledge most of the time, :) but as I gain more experience I find that I can hold my own with her much more often!

I will admit that I drove her crazy while I was in school, but her insight was invaluable and I'm truly not sure I would have made it without her.


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Male RN, 39 yrs old, married to a (female) RN.

We went throung an intense 25-straight month diploma program back in '86-88 and were married in '89: coming up on 18 yrs marriage this fall. We married young, both of us 22.

I work FT 8hr shifts (straight days as charge nurse/infection control nurse) in a 320 bed LTC facility and she works FT 12hr rotating surgical. She also works PT 3 days/week teaching RPN students labs and surgical clinicals at our local community college and is finishing up her degree. I'm also the CEO of our local nursing union representing 600 RNs in LTC, 2 hospitals at 4 sites, community care, and public health. Together we each put in about 60-75hrs a week in our work endeavours.

3 kids; 21, 16, 14

Also in the end stages of restoring an historic 1890's Queen Anne Victorian manor with our own blood, sweat and tears that we plan on opening as a B&B within the next 5 yrs, so no rest for us! (it's terribly haunted to boot!)

I can't imagine being married to anyone else - no one understands a nurse like another nurse. We go through periods of amicable silence, neither one of us wanting to talk about work, then we rip through periods of intense discussions of work on a regular basis - our kids have grown up with dinner conversations consisting of blood, vomit, feces, death and dismemberment withoout blinking. In fact, our 16 yr old daughter is gearing up selecting her universities to enter a nurse practitioner program; we did our best to talk her out of it, but she's bent on it, so we insist on her getting her masters and her NP if she insists.

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