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  1. I'm excited to be going to my first ANNA fall meeting. I have also never been to Chicago before. I just wondered if anyone else here will be going next month. I'd love to get to meet some dialysis nurses face to face.
  2. what is it like for other acute nurse

    We have 11 RNs no techs. We cover 5 hospitals. All of our HD runs are at the pts bedside. No primary care, no meds etc. We do HD, PD, CRRT, TPE. All of us work 3 , 12hr shifts but basically work till its done. One RN on call every night so about 3 ca...
  3. Anyone here in a "nursing couple"?

    My husband and I are both RNs. We've been in nursing 20yrs each. We've been married 9 yrs. He works nights 7p-7a and I work days. We love it. No daycare. My husb would never switch to days. We have plenty of time togethers since we just work 3 days. ...
  4. TPE plasmapheresis access question.

    As I said a girl I work with told me this. It makes no sense to me for all the reasons you stated. Plus there is no policy even on this. This isn't the only thing she's said that I really question the validity of... I just thought I would do some res...
  5. TPE plasmapheresis access question.

    Has anyone ever done a plasmapheresis at the same time as a CRRT is running, using the same access catheter just putting 4 way stopcocks on each port -access and return lines? Another dialysis nurse told me this was being done in other parts of the ...
  6. Does anyone know of some articles or places that I could get some info about Calcium levels and how parathyroid works with ESRD pts. I would like to do some studying on this. Our hospital is doing alot more parathyroidectomy's and post op Calcium re...
  7. How much did you start as a nurse and when.

    I started at $7.50 an hour in 1988 as an LPN. I got a raise to 12.50 an hour in 1992 when I became an RN.
  8. Does anyone know a Nephrology CNS?

    Thanks for the info. And yes I am very young, 41!! Lots of years left to work.
  9. Does anyone know a Nephrology CNS?

    I love dialysis and I'm thinking about my future. I don't know any CNS/NPs with a renal specialty in this area? Does anyone know about schools that have renal programs for NPs?
  10. Searching for Nephrology NP program?

    I am an acute dialysis nurse. I want to become a nurse practitioner and stay in nephrology. Does anyone know about a program anywhere in the US that does this speciality? Thanks in advance.
  11. Stress/Health Management Reading Room:

    I'm definately going to get the book about stress and anger. I have spent so many years getting angry instead of being hurt. I didn't realize until last year how much that anger has taken our of me. I kind of emploded and have spent the last 10months...
  12. New to Dialysis-feeling discouraged

    It's no joke that it takes a year to feel confident with your dialysis skills. I was sick to my stomach everyday for the first 6 months. I was so scared I would hurt someone. I had been an acute RN for 16 years on Med/Surg when I came to dialysis. Th...
  13. How much do you make?

    RN 11 yrs Ortho/chg nsg/noc Boise $28.
  14. calcium citrate

    We use citrate for anticoagulation during TPE treatments (plasmapheresis). Also sometimes use it in the ICU with CRRT's and q1h labs. I asked around about citrate during hemo and apparently our unit hasn't used it for years. But I believe there is so...