Does anyone know a Nephrology CNS?

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I love dialysis and I'm thinking about my future. I don't know any CNS/NPs with a renal specialty in this area? Does anyone know about schools that have renal programs for NPs?



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Yes, I am a Nephrology CNS....I have worked both as a Renal CNS and Nephrology/Transplant CNS. My educational background is Adult Health CNS but my work experience has been nephrology in recent years. ANNA does not have an advanced certification in nephrology as a CNS so therefore I got my advanced certification via ANCC in Med-Surg. Nephrology CNS is a interesting field -- best wishes to you.



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Thanks for the info. And yes I am very young, 41!! Lots of years left to work.

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Then IMHO NP is the way to go............ I still might do it. Adult NP and ask the dean if I can do a nephrology "rotation". I know nephrologists will hire NP's . Makes sense to now that Medicare requires FOUR visits a month. The Nephrologist can concentrate on "getting them in the door" in the office...:trout: Ok slap me silly for that last comment. I can't help it if it's true.....

That's the way to go. At our dialysis facility, our nephrologist hired a NP to stop at each of his clinics once a week. She was awesome, and really enjoyed her work.. and we nurses all loved her, as well. She was a wonderful help and asset to our nephrologist who was our medical director.. but he was two hours away, and no way for him to get down to see all his outpatient facility patients every week. So she filled in for him, and he came once a month. She wrote all the new scripts our patients needed, and was a great help to patients and staff alike.

She said you need to to "adult or family NP", then start checking with local nephrologists, they are only too happy to have NPs monitor the dialysis clincs for them. Wish you the best! :)

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