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  1. Banner health weekend differential

    Chandler Regional Hosptial and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center pay 20% diff. for nights and 10% for weekends.
  2. Banner health weekend differential

    I do not work for the Banner System but at my hospital there is a 20% night shift differential plus a 10% differential for weekend -- which applies to either day or nights. We do 12-hour shifts for both days and nights.
  3. information for PA nurses

    If you would like to support the passing of this bill, I would suggest you contact the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists organization. Their office is in PA so I am certain they are aware of this bill and how you can learn more about...
  4. Hello North Dakota!!!!!

    Hello! I am a nurse who woked lived and worked in ND from 1971 to 1989 and then moved south to Colorado and ended up in Arizona working full-time as an Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist in Phoenix, AZ area. I check this link every so often to se...
  5. NACNS Convention in Phoenix next week

    I am wondering if you are attending the NACNS Convention next week in Phoenix? It would be great to get together, networking and the like. Let me know if any of you are going. Thanks. Pat
  6. We use computerized charting and nursing diagnoses are generated by the computered based on a medical diagnosis such as pneumonia. My question is -- do you use computerized charting but do not use nursing diagnosis in the plan of care? If yes, I woul...
  7. Computerized Documentation

    we went live with computerized documentation and e-MAR/BMV last year. Currently students cannot use the e-MAR/BMV as we do not have access for them. Our computerized documentation system will permit students to have basic access to things like ADLs, ...
  8. Computerized charting & care plans

    Our hospital uses computerized charting and computer generated care plans based upon diagnosis. I am wondering if you have computerized system that does not use care plans but something else that the nurse chart to in the documentation. I find our sy...
  9. Starting a CNS Program this summer!

    I am from AZ. The SBON recently changed the regulations for CNS including the required 500 hours, national certification as CNS which effected several CNSs in the state who do have the CNS tract in their MSN program to be elgible to sit for the natio...
  10. Starting a CNS Program this summer!

    It is great you have made the decision to return to school for a CNS degree. I agree with the previous posts about making sure you understand what kind of degree you seeking and does it match your expectations of working as a CNS. Your masters progra...
  11. Just moved here, where is the great RN pay at?

    I work for at Chandler Regional Hospital and not a registry. For example at my hospital, a RN working in the flex. pool can make $35/hr, without benefits -- including med-surg. They just started a benefits included float pool -- it is your salary plu...
  12. Just moved here, where is the great RN pay at?

    I know that hospital regularily check the salary market in the phoenix area and adjust salaries if needed -- I suspect the hospital salaries are not greatly different. If you are not interested in benefits, then you can make a better hourly rate work...
  13. Where are the Maternal-Child CNS schools?

    In my state, I have found that nurses interested in the MCH CNS tract are going into the Adult Health CNS tract because the schools of nursing do not offer a MCH tract. What the student does is focus the clinicals in MCH in the Adult Health Program. ...
  14. Critical Thinking For Med-surg nursing

    As a staff nurse I have taken PBDS at two different hospitals in two different states. Now as an educator, our hospital stopped using the PBDS, last year, because it was not measuring "competency" but rather teaching people to remember senarios. From...
  15. Nurse Rounding

    At the hospital where I work we do hourly rounding. It is shared with the nurse and CNA from 6am to 10pm ...and then from 10pm to 6am it is Q2H rounds, again shared between the nurse & CNA. We started this hourly rounding last April and it has re...