Anyone NOT willing to move for nursing school?


Is there anyone here that doesn't want to apply to nursing schools outside their town/city?

I live in a big city, but there are only two nursing schools here that have a BSN program. One of them is a great nursing school. The other is a nursing school that's part of a private university, which is too expensive for me. I'm hoping I can get into the great nursing school on the first try. But I don't know what I'll do if I get denied. I don't want to move out my parents home in order to go to nursing school. I don't have the money to live on my own. I feel like I'm the only person stuck in this situation.

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No way in heck I'd move to go to school. That's just me though, and you too apparently. You can also look into getting your ADN if you don't get accepted into the BSN programs


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No way! Well, at least not at this point in my life. If I was right out of HS and got into the college I know what whole "typical" experience - sure.

I'd commute a considerable distance, but not move.

Not to discourage you...this is just for me personally. But, it's going to work out! If you are able to do - do it! Whatever you need to follow your dream. :)

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I've got two kids and a mortgage. Moving really isn't a viable option for me.

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I don't have the money to move right now either but luckily, I was accepted into a program near me. But honestly, worst comes to worst, I was willing to take out loans and move out. I have no back up plan with what I want to study and I don't want to wait to study and start my career. If you had a back up, that would be better. But if you're betting on one college accepting you with no back up plan, I suggest you think hard about that decision. It might take years to be accepted. Where I'm from (North California), some people wait up to 5 years before getting into a program because nursing is so popular and competitive here. Many people by then give up and go into other careers saying it was wasted time. I've known a lady in her thirties saying she waited three years but still nothing. Then there are others who go the longer route starting with LVN school. But really, you should think of an alternate plan in case you don't get accepted so you won't waste the years. Time is precious!


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I wouldn't unless I had family or somebody coming with me or already living there so I'm not on my own.


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I wouldn't consider moving either. I'm married and have a mortgage and moving just isn't a possibility! There are a few nursing schools in my area, but because I don't have a science background, only one of them is a possibility because it doesn't require lots of extra prerequisites. I really want to go to nursing school only applied to one school for this reason.

Try not to feel stuck! If you really want to go to nursing school, you will make it happen. It sounds like at least you have a few options. When do you plan on applying?

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I couldn't. There are three schools in a town about 45 minutes from me. We have 5 kids and a blended family, so we need to stay here where the kids are close to the ok the other parents. Plus we are on one income, we couldn't afford to move. Only one of those programs comes with high recommendation, and is the only one I'll apply to. Unfortunately, it's a competitive school, so I will have to work very hard to keep my gpa competitive and score high on the teas. I start prereqs this fall, but i already have and have been studying the medical terminology and anatomy and physiology books from my aunt. And I know the teas and nclex are a ways away, but I have been doing practice teas testing a few times per week, using an nclex prep app to get used to those type of questions, and brushing up my algebra for the math prereq i'll be taking. So, if your school options are limited, just try to make sure you are prepared!!


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I moved 3,000 miles from home for nursing school, but I brought my boyfriend and my best friend who was in school as well. It was difficult emotionally and financially but I grew so much as a person and started my career years sooner than if I had stuck out the wait list here. You can always move back if things don't work out!


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I wouldn't entertain moving to go to school either. My husband and I own a home and live within 20 minutes of both sets of our parents and nearby all our friends and community. I work full-time at another local job, which is how I'm going to pay for my pre-reqs and save up for actual nursing school.

For me, we live between two cities so I had a few options in either even though it's quite a drive. For me, at this stage in life, if I had to move to go to nursing school, it wouldn't be an option for me and I'd probably stay in my current career or shift to something more similar.

From what I've heard, where you get your BSN from isn't that critical, especially once you get your RN and start working, so don't stress about it! Do your best to get into your first choice school, and if that doesn't work out, keep on trying or worry about it then.


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No. I have 2 kids, a mortgage and family in my city. There are 3 ABSN's nearby, and I am applying to all three schools. If I don't get in, I will apply to the ADN schools. Its just not possible or practical for me to move for a BSN at this point in my life.

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I'm in the same boat. I'm established here so moving really isn't an option.

If I was younger and just starting out, sure the adventure would be great, however I am considerably older and it's not so easy to relocate when your older.