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Peachez1 has 1 years experience.

Wife to loving 4xCABG patient (4 years out and counting!). Mother of 2 great children, 3 wonderful step children and 2 amazing grand babes.

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  1. Peachez1

    Trying to get into the ICU but no luck as a new grad

    Graduated a year ago - if your willing to relocate there are hospitals that will hire you right into the ICU setting! (Mine does) Don’t settle unless you want to - two years can seem like an eternity if your not enjoying your work!
  2. Peachez1

    Share Your COVID-19 Stories Contest | Nurses Week

    There are so many stories out there regarding COVID-19. My story is a simple one. I am a Med-Surge nurse that was floated up to the COVID-ICU during our peak time. I was there when one of my patients was whisked up from ER to the ICU. This patient was quickly intubated. I saw how the staff calmly explained what was about to happen and tried their very best to ensure that he/she was calm before it happened. It was a beautiful thing that they did for him/her. I was also working in the ICU, two weeks later, when the same patient was extubated in the morning time. Around supper time that day, I asked if he/she wanted to call their family. I was able to reach out and do a family conference call. His/her family member's cried with relief and joy. We all prayed together. We all cried together. The best thing I was able to hear was the patient tell his family members "This thing tried to kick my *** - but you know what? I'm not going to let it. I'm going to keep on fighting and praying and I'm going to win." Later, when I was getting ready to go home the patient thanked me for allowing the time to speak with his/her family. They said it gave them the strength to carry on. For me, it was the least I could do. Warm fuzzies I call them. I take good care of my patients and it warms my heart when I can do that one little thing that means the world to them.
  3. Peachez1

    Funny Things Patients Say Contest | Nurses Week

    I am a nurse that is new to the city of New Orleans. I arrived in September. It's been an amazing time here thus far. After Mardi Gras, which was absolutely amazing, rolled through I asked one of my native New Orleans patients; "So, now what happens? I mean we had Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then Mardi Gras. It's been 5 months of amazing parties and parades... now what happens? What's next?" He smiled at me and said "Now we have Easter!" I looked him confused. "Easter? Is that a thing? I mean I know Easter is a thing but are there parades/parties for Easter too??" He laughed, his eyes lighting up, and said, "Child, you CANNOT go around sinning for that long and NOT have to repent. No, child, now we have Easter. Now we repent!!" We both laughed at that. Now in hindsight..... New Orleans is one of the countries hot spots for COVID-19, maybe we didn't repent enough? 🙂 I wish I could ask him so we could have a good laugh over it again.
  4. Peachez1

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Similar question - Does anyone know how to take liquid fabric softener stains out of their scrubs (that they wash after each shift)? Currently my scrubs look like a blue ball point pen exploded on them - but I didn't wash any pens (this time). Suggestions??
  5. Peachez1

    Does the shift matter, experience-wise? - New CNA

    I don’t think the experience matters to what shift you are offered. I know at my facility they have a hard time staffing nights. If it’s the same at that one then you may be just fine. Good luck on your nursing journey!
  6. Peachez1

    SPC Fall 2019

    While they do have you sign in with your student number for the workshops and extra learning opportunities - it’s not for any extra credit or anything like that. No points will be given for attending. It does help you study and hopefully get better grades. The sign in helps them determine what workshops are needed and which ones are not. So don’t feel bad if you have other commitments or work or family obligations that get in the way of them. They are there if you want to use them. Get ready guys - its going to be a crazy fun ride.
  7. Peachez1

    SPC Fall 2019

    For first semester - READ what they tell you to read. ALL OF IT. All 19 chapters per test. Don't skip the boxes - some test questions come from those boxes and charts. Get yourself organized. Heck get an planner and keep ontop of things. If you have your schedule now - start putting thing that are coming up in there (in pencil). Get familiar with the nursing modules - they are SUPER helpful in your learning. Learn to LOVE ATI. It will SAVE YOU for your ATI tests, exams and adequately prepare you for NCLEX. Time management is key. Sure they say at orientation kiss your life goodbye for 2 years. That's not entirely true. What you do have to have is amazing time management. Know when to say "you know what you're gonna have a birthday next year too - I have an exam on Monday." Know when to tell your work "Hey, I've got to cut down hours (or quit)." I worked 30/week my first and second semester. I worked 24 the third and forth (sometimes i only worked one shift but the last 2 months I didn't work at all. I can tell you i would have do MUCH Better if i didn't work at all the 4th semester! These courses are not learn it and dump it like anatomy. Heck even anatomy isnt. There was anatomy questions (like "what side is your liver located on") on the first few tests! These course you have to KNOW know because they build on each other and will help you be a great nurse!
  8. Peachez1

    SPC Fall 2019

    Hi gang! Recent grad here. SPC truly does prepare you adequately for the NCLEX. I don't know of a single person in my graduating class that has failed. It's a GREAT school! It's going to be the hardest, most challenging, FUN ride you've been on yet. If you thought Micro was hard and disorganized....wait for it! 😉 I have some things I'm trying to offload as I'm relocating for my RN job. I have a skills kit ($50 for bag and all contents. Yes it's used but it will work just fine for clinical checkoff. Will need to buy gloves that you can get at walmart or the bookstore) and scrubs (4 sets with undershirts - sz Lg - $200 takes all) and Dansko shoes (worn twice - they kill my feet - $80) all available. I also have many textbooks. If your looking for something specific let me know and I'll see if I have it (book lists change). They are well loved as I studied from all of them. Any questions don't hesitate to reach out! I'm happy to help!
  9. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    Just make sure when your getting your CPR classes that it is the one for health care professionals. I do believe it lasts for 2 years but I'd double check with the instructor you take it with. If you didn't get a flu shot last year - no worries the school will let you start as long as you get the flu shots that come out this year you'll be ok. They should be out by end aug/mid September. Look for ads at Walgreen's and CVS. I would get titres first to see what immunizations you do require before you sign yourself up for the full gamete of them. You'd be surprised what your still immune to after all these years. I'm old too and the ONLY one I had to get done was MMR. If your an alternate - no worries. There is lots that can come into play. Mistakes within the system, people chose other schools, people don't pass their background/drug tests. We even had people drop out the first week! If your an alternate keep yourself busy (maybe take some courses to finish your AA), make an appointment with a health campus adviser to see what is what and don't forget to 100% reapply for the spring session! It's not the end of the world - it's just a little delay. In the grand scheme of life its honestly 4 months..... and that's not a long period of time at all.
  10. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    That looks like the one that I had used last fall. I brought mine to my primary and he filled it out and signed it. If you are wondering how do I get all these docs uploaded to castle branch. If you have an iPhone you can use iScanner or Android has an app called Handy Scanner. Both work at making your photos into pdf. Works like a charm!
  11. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    TB test is done annually for clinical placement - because you can catch TB anywhere! I just had mine redone last week.
  12. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    Hey guys! I would say its safe to jump on everything. The key is you don't want anything to expire while your in classes (in any of the semesters - even summer if your going through the summer session). It is a tremendous pain in the behind to renew your CPR as your trying to study for an ATI and two exams - ask me how I know Immunization records may be held with the health department as well - at least the ones you had to get while you were in primary and secondary school.
  13. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    Adviser can be done at any time. I recommend Tammy Capleman, but I just went to the campus i was at that day for my summer classes and they signed off on it. Flu shot if you have 2017 send that in but ALSO get 2018 when they come out. I believe CVS/Walgreen's has them early (In mid Aug/Sept)
  14. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    Jmander - This happened to me as well for Fall of 2017 - Congrats!
  15. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    Congrats to all that got in and to those that are waiting - don't give up just yet! (some people don't pass their drug/background checks) Now that your in get ready to RUN! Castle Branch is expensive but you will have to do it each fall. It's a necessary evil for clinical placement. Titers you can get anytime as long as its within 90 days. I would do it now as it will expire NEXT July. You don't want to be in the middle of a semester and have to run around getting titres/immunizations. If your things expire (cpr, immunizations, etc) in the middle of the semester they WILL stop you from going to clinical and that means missed days which places you at risk for failing the clinical portion of your course. No clinical = no fundamentals pass = repeat for the semester. Titers/immunization can be done inexpensively at the health department. If you need the physical there is a chiropractic school attached to the HEC that does them there inexpensively as well. When your getting your skills kit - its the expensive one. It's a duffel bag FULL of all the things your gonna need for clinical days. Get a check off sheet of what's in it and make sure you have all your stuff. You'll have to see what glove size you are too. For gloves - DON'T go bigger. They get caught up in all things that way. If you need more on your book line of credit to cover the books and supplies you can see the financial adviser on campus or someone once said you can do it online (I have no idea how that is done as I went in and did it) Uniforms have to be a specific one at a specific store. Yes you CAN get away with one - if you do wash daily. I have 4 sets so I do laundry once a week. At this point if your in your in. Start supporting your fellow class mates. The time for competition is OVER - you made it! Band together and help each other out. The first two weeks are going to be "deer in the headlights" There is SO much thrown at you in those first few days you wont know left from right. HANG IN THERE - It doesn't get easier but you will learn how to navigate and time manage and all will be fine. Don't be shy - use NIP (a lot if you have to), use ALL your resources. Above all find a little teeny bit of time for yourself. Nursing school it tough stuff - but it's SO rewarding! Just ask if you have any questions. I'll be happy to help!
  16. Peachez1

    SPC Nursing Fall 2018

    You can leave them in your car but I found that didn't work for me as i was forever walking back and forth to my car either while at school or study group or home (for homework). For me it was easier having what I needed right with me. FYI - Milk crates work good for storing the books in the car. Worked for me while I tried out that method. Just don't leave your skills kit in the car. Florida heat does not do well for the stuff in the kit.