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  1. I have to get this off my chest, but it doesn't seem like a common problem with nursing students. I grew up with strict parents who instilled good habits and values in me. I always listened to my authoritative figures, did things on time, followed the rules, got high grades, was very competitive, and was basically a perfectionist. Then nursing school came along... that was a shocker. Their expectations are so unrealistic that I have just given up on trying to be a good student. I do have time for myself, but not enough. My mental health is suffering. I feel like I'm treated like a child by my clinical instructors and the school in general. I've hit my breaking point. My grades are mediocre now. I've been late to clinical so many times. I skip lecture if I can. I do the bare minimum, but enough to pass. My clinical instructors annoy me with their "advice" which are usually just insults. I feel so bad saying this, but it is what it is. The way nursing programs are set up is a shame, in my opinion. I think they purposely make them chaotic to prepare us for the real world and make us better nurses, but it's had the opposite effect on me. Anyone else?
  2. Just wondering if this is done at every nursing school. I hear it's a common thing in the nursing school's in my city.
  3. I'm wondering what you use to take colorful notes. I'd really love to buy gel pens, but I hear they take a while to dry and smear easily. Any suggestions?
  4. misskayy

    Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    Did you not read the last few sentences in my post? I'm not so much hurt, but shocked how unprofessional some people can be, especially towards a beginner. I've had some bad days, but I never took it out on someone like that.
  5. misskayy

    Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    Thank you! You have no idea how much it means to me hearing this from someone who went through a similar path. That made my day.
  6. misskayy

    Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    It's better to prepare yourself for the worst. I'd hate to be the student who thinks nursing is all lollipops and rainbows and then finds out it can be horrible at times. I've read the stories here and on reddit. I know it doesn't happen often, but when it's bad... it's bad.
  7. misskayy

    Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    Yep. She was a paramedic. She kept asking these difficult questions (things that we, as students, would not know at the top of our heads) and she would look directly at me until I nodded or shook my head. She wouldn't give us the correct answer to the question until I gave her a response. Of course, I didn't know the correct answer to most of her questions so I felt humiliated. Not sure what her problem was, but I hope she fixes it soon.
  8. misskayy

    Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    It was through the American Heart Association. I can't find a complaint number on their site. If anyone knows a way to send a complaint to them, let me know.
  9. misskayy

    Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    Her boss did come inside the room for a minute to check up on us and she still continued acting childish in front of him. He seemed fed up with her behavior, but who knows he may take her side if I make a complaint. I'm either going to call him or American Heart Association. And thank you to everyone else for the words of encouragement.
  10. So today I took a CPR course. I'm not in NS yet, but I decided to do it ahead of time. I've made amazing grades in all my prereq courses and every single one of my science professors has praised me as being one of their most hardworking students. I'm the first person in my family to go to college. I have a huge family, but no one works in healthcare so this is all new to me. You know, everyone starts at the bottom. I was looking forward to going to my CPR class and learning new things, but the instructor was ridiculing me the entire time. There were other students, but she only picked on me. To make things worse, everyone else in class was so knowledgable and knew exactly what they were doing. At one point she giggled and said "You're not doing it fast enough... I think you killed him... Yeah, you shouldn't be a nurse." Every 10 minutes she brought up to the class how I "killed" the mannequin. I got fed up and politely responded with "Hey, that's why I'm here... to learn how to do it correctly" she kind of backed off after that. I know that this is to be expected in NS, especially at clinicals. I know. I will not allow anyone to get in the way of my dreams. I have thick skin. I've been talked down on when I was in high school and I proved all of those people wrong. I'm just astounded that it's happening this early on. When you tell someone they're in the wrong profession, before they've even started, is crossing the line if you ask me.
  11. misskayy

    Has anyone here studied at UT Health San Antonio?

    Thank you! This helps a lot!
  12. misskayy

    How do YOU deal with criticism outside of work?

    It doesn't happen that often. It just happens to come from people that I have to see often. I also focus on the negative way too much. I'm aware that I shouldn't, but it's hard not to.
  13. I would love to apply to their SoN, but I'd like to get an idea of how a student's schedule is set up. What can I expect during the first semester? Ex: number of courses, how long the courses last, what type of courses
  14. I'm wondering how other nurses deal with criticism and insults outside of work. At work, it's obvious that you must remain professional. But what about outside of work when you're not in uniform? I've come across a good amount of negative people in my life (family members, mutuals, and strangers) and recently I decided to just turn the other cheek when they speak bad of me, whether it's to my face or not. I'm naturally the type of person to bark back because I noticed that people will continue bothering if you don't. But I've been holding back. I feel like it's risky now. I would NEVER get physical. Never have and never will. But nowadays even words are enough to get you fired from a job.
  15. misskayy

    Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Thank you for posting this.