anyone with low kaplan scores pass??

Students NCLEX


just got a 53 on question trainer 4 and am feeling rather discouraged about my scores in general.


previously getting similar types of scores - yikes....

any other test i can take to see how I'm doing besides kaplan that someone thinks is representative of the nclex??

thank you!!


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My scores on Kaplan only avg in the low 60's and I passed NCLEX. I too was discouraged like yourself but I always said to myself I can always take NCLEX again if I failed. NCLEX was hard but Hesi was harder and we only got 2 chances to pass!


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HEY....i was looking for this question..coz i am also in a same boat..i am nt getting really good score i got 52 % in rediness exam...averege 50 %in q trainer 1,2,3, and 4....i didn't do Q trainer 5,6,7,.....and i got average 50 % in Q bankkk..i think thats a worse score....i am feeling soo bad..coz everybody said it should be 65% or atleast 60%...i am already taking it in august ...but i don't think i am ready....soo confused anybody out there who passed with this low score...


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Yes! I was getting between the mid 50's and up to 70 on my practice tests. I am an A student and I studied content like crazy. I still was not scoring well on the q banks on the question trainers! But...I passed the nclex with 78 questions. In my opinion Kaplan questions were harder than those on nclex. So if u get close to 60 on practice tests or even in the 50's u should pass. Hope this helps! Good luck!!


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Kaplan says to aim for over 60 percent. Don't feel bad... I got a 54 I believe on Trainer 4 and passed NCLEX. That was one of my lowest scores. When I averaged ALL my trainers together, it was over 60 percent. AIM for over 60 percent and you should be safe. GOOD LUCK!

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yes, on my first go at all the question trainers, i was getting scores ranging from 47-57. after i did them over i started getting 60s. on my diagnostic exam and readiness tests i got both times exactly 54 and i still passed my NCLEX in 102 questions. Those scores are not an indicator of how you will do, but if you're not doing well, go back and do them again and look up anything that you do not remember/have not heard of.


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i hope this will make you fill more at ease...

My first time using the trainers I never hit a 60, let alone a 65 which is what everyone was saying. I want to tell you not to be discouraged.. and to just keep at it.

QT1: 57

QT2: 52

QT3: 44

QT4: 51

QT5: 52


QT7: 51

I would do my weak sections first. Even if I had been through it once, I went through it over and over… making sure I understood why the answer was the correct answer. KEEP ON DOING YOUR QBANKS. TAKE NOTES OFF OF THE RATIONALES. WATCH THE VIDEOS. FOr 5-6 weeks, 3-5 hours every night weeks this is what I did. I did about 150-200 questions a day. For the first 2 weeks my scores would fluctuate.. and by the end when I had reviewed rationales, I was scoring in the 70s. don’t get discouraged.. just keep studying! My scores went from the low 50s initially to the 70s-80s. I went through the trainer tests twice. And again took notes off the ones I did not understand.

My percent correct off items used started off in the lows 50s and by the time I took my NCLEX.. it was at 63% .

I passed the NCLEX with close to 250 questions. Yes like almost everyone I walked out feeling like I had failed… but this morning I found out I passed =]

The other book I used aside from Kaplan was Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by Lacharity and Kumagai. EXCELLENT reference in my opinion.

And towards the end, to test my knowledge I would pull random books off the shelves at barnes and noble and open them to the tests and answer random questions. I was getting at least 75% if not half the questions right.

GOOD LUCK! i had low kaplan scores.. and i passed the NCLEX.. i have faith you can do it too!


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make you feel** mispell

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in the same boat - but im doing my best. im so ready to move on with my life!


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I am in the same boat...I just took trainer 4 and got 51%...Well I went over the rationales and now doing contents. I can't wait t get over NCLEX!


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Just keep on working on it. Good luck.

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