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  1. unreallly

    Truman College Nursing Students starting Fall 2011!!

    cprassociatesinc.com offers cpr classes for $40 and you are in and out with-in 3 hrs!
  2. unreallly

    Burned Out.

    Don't lose hope and i'm sure you will find a Nursing job real soon. BTW, there are crime everywhere not just Chicago???????????????
  3. unreallly

    Olive Harvey close Nursing Program

    WOW! I graduated in 2008 and I'm in total shock! The Professors we so nice. I am sad to see the program disappear. Why are they dismantling the program???
  4. unreallly

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    WOW! The most I heard was 6 tries but 10 is the new record
  5. unreallly

    Anyone know how many HESI Exit exam versions there are??

    There are 7 versions of the Hesi test. Each version has 3 sub-versions within. For example V-1a, V-1b, V-1c, V-2a, V-2b, V-2c, etc.........
  6. unreallly

    New Grad ASC salary?

    The avg salary in a large market is around $25-27/hr. Asking for $55K is around $26.44/hr which it is on the high end. If you can manage to neg a salary of no less than $52K, it comes out to $25/hr which is on the low end BUT at least you have a job in this tough economy
  7. unreallly

    New Grad ASC salary?

    Yeah, 40K is pretty low. It only average about $19.23/hr. Try to ask for $55K and if your future employer says no, you can always negotiate
  8. You are correct that the average pay is $25-$27/hr with benefits BUT the economy sucks! You are lucky to have a job since alot of my classmates are still trying to get an interview since December. Just try to work where you are for at least 6 months so you have some experience when you apply for another job elsewhere. I have a friend who works in a nursing home and all she do is pass meds all day
  9. I prefer the classroom course myself. I like someone who can teach me how to pass NCLEX than an online course which you couldn't really ask any questions or get any input from the course itself. Heck, it's only another 50 bucks more :)
  10. unreallly

    Males Nurses in %

    Whoa! 7.4% Thanks Mike.
  11. unreallly

    New Grad RN-->No Jobs, Then what?

    Just look in your local phone book and find a place that offer these certificates. YES, you have to pay for all of them. The person who looks at your resume will be impressed:yeah:
  12. unreallly

    Males Nurses in %

    Does anyone have the latest figure of how much of a percentage the males represent in the Nursing world?
  13. unreallly

    Northshore Hospital

    Take the job! The economy sucks right now. You will be getting a lot of experience and a year from now, you can apply to anywhere you like.
  14. 1) Don't give up 2) Get an extension of your student loans 3) Get a job working as a CNA for now 4) Job market will open up, it always has and will 5) When you get the call, don't be picky and take anything to get the experience
  15. unreallly

    Dr. Martin NCLEX Review

    Yes I did but I also used Kaplan
  16. unreallly

    Yikes! Relocating to Chicago Area/ New Grad

    Worst time at this moment. Most of the bigger hospitals like rush, uic, u of c, loyola, advocate are in a hiring freeze. I must of sent out like over 50 resumes with no response. They all cancelled their summer and fall new grad program so that kinda tell you what is going on in this economy. Northfield is a nice suburb. You have a few hospitals in your area like glenbrook hospital, children's and rush you can apply to. Hopefully in Dec when you graduate, things will be better :)