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  1. unreallly

    advice please?

    Maybe you can keep the dialysis job as PRN or Part-time.
  2. unreallly

    Registered nurse raise

    Since you been at your job for a year now, most hospitals are giving 2%-3% pay raises. I figure .50-.75 the most!
  3. unreallly

    korean nursing home

    Fairmont care centre 5061 N. Pulaski Road Chicago, IL 60630 A fairly hugh Korean population. I think they even got a Korean wing.
  4. unreallly

    Truman College Nursing Students starting Fall 2011!!

    cprassociatesinc.com offers cpr classes for $40 and you are in and out with-in 3 hrs!
  5. unreallly

    staff patient ratio

    My last post i forgot to mention, I work in an acute adolescent unit and the pt. to staff ratio's doesnt matter. I can have 34 pt's with 3 1:1's and i still get 5 MHA'a and 2 RN's.
  6. unreallly

    staff patient ratio

    WHAT! 35 pt's, you get 14 MHA's, 2RN's and 1 LPN!!! Our unit, we have 34 pt's, 5 MHA's and only 2 RN's!!! I love your ratio's
  7. unreallly

    Burned Out.

    Don't lose hope and i'm sure you will find a Nursing job real soon. BTW, there are crime everywhere not just Chicago???????????????
  8. THis pay is not right new grad RN's in chicago is making at least 25 an hour at the bare minimum. Most or making 26-28 an hour with the latter being 30 in some suburbs where it is hard to keep nurses. Just got to keep looking. Even in the suburbs, nurses are having a hard time finding work due to the economy. So your last statement isn't true
  9. unreallly

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Hello, I took Math 125 because I knew you need this to get into any BSN program in the future. I took Math 140 a long time ago but it didn't count because it was 5 yrs old
  10. unreallly

    More Men Entering Nursing Profession

    In 2008, Males consist of 8.7% of the Nursing profession. I believe 20 years ago its was something like 3.2% Maybe in the next 5 years, we can hit double digits!
  11. unreallly

    Olive Harvey close Nursing Program

    WOW! I graduated in 2008 and I'm in total shock! The Professors we so nice. I am sad to see the program disappear. Why are they dismantling the program???
  12. unreallly

    Nurse Acuity Bill vs Staffing ratios

    I heard California passed a bill that Nurses to patient ratio cannot be more than 6:1, Is this true? If this is true, I wish IL would do the same. At my facility, if we have less than 18 patients on our floor, I am the only nurse! Management do not consider admissions, acuity, d/c, codes, answering phones, charting, orders, etc in factoring how stressful my job is!
  13. unreallly

    Continuing Education credits

    Ok, let me understand this. If the renew license notification goes out May of 2010. Does anyone know how much time they will give us to get our 20 continuing education credits? Also, I obtained 20 ceu's in the year 2007-2008 when I was in Nursing school, does this count towards me fulling my ceu's commitment for 2010
  14. unreallly

    Sign On Bonus in Chicago for New Grads?

    Hey SPower82, does your nursing home offer part-time for a semi-new grad
  15. unreallly

    Olive Harvey College....

    I went to Olive-Harvey from 2006-2008 and they were accredited. The lab is always open for the most part since we have 2 lab nurses on the spot. If the lab wasn't open, we could ask someone from the nursing office to open the doors for us Olive-Harvey wasn't as bad as people said on this site. Every school has it's ups and downs, no school is perfect