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Anyone know brown mackie college in ohio???

anyone ever heard of brown mackie college in ohio.


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I have heard of it. I see adverts on TV often. I live in NE Ohio. I don't know what they offer though. There is a new ADN program at Bryant & Stratton though. No waiting list. They put you in Core Nursing classes right away. Expensive though. I'm useing them for one semester to circumvent the waiting list at my local Community College.

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anyone ever heard of brown mackie college in ohio.

I have heard of it. we have a branch here in cincinnati. I think that they only offer LPN.

I checked into them before I decided on Owens. They aren't accredited last I knew. And I think their IV certification is seperate, to where ours was included in the program.

Here in Kansas City, I have never heard anything good about Brown Mackie.

I was supposed to attend Brown Mackie for PN and everything was good except the price. They have the NERVE to charge over $20,000 to attend their program that is only a year old!!! It's a tiny little community college. I told them hell no and went to Great Oaks. Great Oaks is a very nice program and has been around a lot longer than Brown Mackie. All of the people are nice and it is a very diverse environment. I prefer Greak Oaks much better.

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I am currently attending Brown Mackie and yes it is accredited and it does offer the IV therapy in with the program. They just added the IV therapy. The school is a bit more expensive but they have almost 100% pass rate on state boards. To pass each class you have to have an 80 or better. There is no wait list and the faculty there are really great. They really care about your education. I am in my last month right now getting ready to do preceptorship. The PN program is 15 months long. I have had no problems with this school and have been offered 2 jobs by facilities that we practice our clinicals at. So Brown Mackie cant be that bad of a school can it? So many people think this school isnt worth anything because its so small and no one has heard of it but I kept with my instincts and turned out to be a great experience. I would recommend this school to anyone.

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I forgot to mention too, that yes the NAME Brown Mackie is only about a year old, but this school has been around for MUCH MUCH longer than that. It used to be named Southern Ohio College and before that is was Stauzenberger (not sure about spelling) not sure on the exact number of years but the program is much older than 1 year old.

I'm about to start Browm Mackie LPN program September 5th.I agree it's a little expensive,but it seems like a good school and there is no waiting list.

I feel inclined to put in my 2 cents...

I had recently looked into BMC in Cinti regarding their Medical Assisting program. Rather pricey, I am finding out, and, while I'd really like to attend college there, it's just not going to be a 'go'.

I was advised by Ivy Tech in SE Indiana that "Brown Mackie isn't accredited" in that one's credits won't transfer anywhere. I've been seeing confirmation of this online.

Anyway, one feature that is appealing about Brown Mackie is that a person doesn't have to wait to get started.

All schools will have their pros and cons. I would say that the best thing that any student can do is get all of the facts about schools that they're interested in and then make an informed decision based on the compilation of all of those facts. Yes, it's time consuming and exhausting, but I personally am not commiting myself to any college until I check out all that are of interest to me and then and only then will I be able to make a decision.

Brown Mackie used to be Southern Ohio College (Laidlaw Ave. off of Paddock Rd/I-75). The new campus is on Glendale-Milford Road. I go through Woodlawn to get there. Most people would take I-75. The admissions rep that I've spoken to on numerous occasions has been there for nearly 30 years. Yes, the college is expensive. They are twice as much regarding credit hours as Ivy Tech. I do not know what the credit hour cost is at other Cincinnati schools.

Good luck to everyone trying to choose the best school that fits their needs!


P.S. I've now turned my interest away from medical assisting (for now) and am focusing on becoming an LPN, although I would definitely need to get the pre-requisites out of the way...:(


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I don't know anything about BM on a personal level but I do know that there were several LPN's from BM working on the floor where I was doing my preceptorship and they were great...

I don't know anything about BM on a personal level but I do know that there were several LPN's from BM working on the floor where I was doing my preceptorship and they were great...

On Brown Mackie's website, under the Testimonials link, several employers have touted Brown Mackie students to be very knowledgeable, able to "hit the ground running," etc. I did like the fact that a person could start each month and not have to wait for the next semester to come around.

I suppose to start Jan o7 but trying to switch my start date to Feb 1. How do you like it so far and which campus are you attending? Findley for me.

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I graduated from BM college august 06. I attended Findlay campus. All of the students I graduated with (about 15) passed their NCLEX the 1st time except for 1. BM college is not an "easy" college, you have to work for that degree. I loved the staff, and made many friends along the way. If they arent accredited then I wonder why my A&P 1 & 2 transferred towards my RN...hmmm...It probably depends on what school you go through too. You start a new class each month, no waiting list, and have an almost 100 percent pass rate for the NCLEX. Im definately glad I picked this program.

I am attending Brown Mackie in Cincinnati, Ohio. I personally haven't had any problems with the school or in my clinical settings. I have 6 more mths to go until I graduate.

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