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  1. hey guys i passed. took NCLEX in michigan and recieved 85 questions anybody else have 85. thanks newmom27
  2. newmom27

    New Chamberlain Student

    hello happynproud i was just wondering about chamberlain I'm already an LPN how long does it take to get your BSN if your a nurse. thank you.
  3. newmom27

    Oxygenation & Endoneuro

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has a website or some info about these two subjects. I'm taking endoneuro in january and will take oxygenation in feb. Please help:uhoh21::uhoh21: Thanks Newmom27
  4. Hi all, just wondering about lourdes college BSN program is it tough, hard to get in, wait list long etc. if any one knows any info please let me know.
  5. newmom27

    Toledo area

    hello cardiac-rn does lourdes have a wait list for bsn.
  6. newmom27

    Brown Mackie

    For Everyone wondering about Brown Mackie College in Findlay, OH They are formerly known as SOUTHERN OHIO COLLEGE. so they are a reputable school with HIGH PASS RATES ON THE NCLEX 96.21% :nurse: :chuckle Thank you
  7. newmom27

    Brown Mackie vs Great Oaks LPN program

  8. newmom27

    Brown Mackie College

    Okay, so I guess my question is has anyone you know completed their program at all because the states web site says that they have a 98% pass rate on the nclex-pn.
  9. newmom27

    Brown Mackie Colleges in Indiana

    So what happened after they said they had too many hours; did they end up graduating.
  10. newmom27

    A&p 2

    Thank You guys for all your help I've just finished A&P 2 and I got an A 4.0 :biggringi:lol2:
  11. newmom27

    Brown Mackie College

    I'm wondering if they liked the lpn program overall and how the cirriculum,teachers,etc. if you happen to know any of this info please let me know or pm me asap. Thank you!
  12. newmom27

    Brown Mackie College

    the I'm speaking of is located in Findlay,Ohio 1700 Fostoria Ave.
  13. newmom27

    Brown Mackie College

    Hey All, just wondering if there are any brown mackie students or grads here or if you guys know of anyone who attended this school please post I'm just trying to gain some knowledge about this school. Thanks:confused::chair:
  14. newmom27

    Working as a Nurse Tech

    :chuckle Thank you hikernurse I don't know where to look on the web but thanks anyway hope you finish that careplan by the way I'm in michigan.
  15. newmom27

    Working as a Nurse Tech

    Hi all just wondering, how soon can a student nurse start working to gain experience. for example, if you've completed med/surg 1 if any of you wonderful people know about this please answer.:)
  16. newmom27

    Comfortable Nursing shoes

    Hey guys, can someone pleease tell me the name of the best comfortable nursing shoes and where I can purchase them. NEED THEM RIGHT AWAY!