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Interested in a career in the nursing field

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  1. Rockstar

    I love my job!!!

    thanks everybody. i think i will be able to start as an LPN once I graduate next year. It's a great job. I could be in a bad mood, but once i get to work they cheer me up. I've bonded with many of them. There is this woman who is self abusive. She's always biting and punching herself. I've figured out to make her stop. Nobody else knows how to make her stop. There is another girl who can't smile. Well.. that's what they told me, but I can get her to smile. There is this other boy who does these crazy belly laughs whenever i play with him. The nursing field is great. It takes a certain type of person to be able to do the things we do.
  2. Rockstar

    I love my job!!!

    I've read a lot of negative about the nursing field in this forum and for a while it had me rethinking my choice of career, but I followed my heart and I am in love with my job. I'll be starting an LPN program in January, but I was just hired for a job to take care of severe MRDD residents in a home. I LOVE IT!!! I was nervous because 99% of the people have physical deformities and I felt bad staring, but after the first few hours past I fell in love with them. Despite popular belief, they have a LOT of personality. All in the first day I changed their diapers, tried to help them reach their set goals, fed them, showered them, talked to them, watched American Idol with them, and sang one of them to sleep. My job is the BEST home ever for non ambulatory MRDD infants, children, and adults. We treat them like they are our own family. They have special wheelchairs, great beds, rooms that look need and clean (i wouldn't mind living in it!!!), a huge supply of toys, a heated swimming pool, a playground with swings for the wheelchairs. We have lots of staff who help them work on goals that help them learn how to do things such as learn to communicate better, learn to feed, bathe, dress, brush their teeth, etc. We send the adults off to work and they get paid to do these skills. We give them as normal of a life as possible and they do a GREAT JOB. There are only 48 residents that range from ages 8 months to 47 years old, but the place looks like an expensive hotels and the staff treat them like family. My co worker kisses them goodnight and tucks them in. I love the nursing profession. It's perfect for me.
  3. Rockstar

    Anyone know brown mackie college in ohio???

    I was supposed to attend Brown Mackie for PN and everything was good except the price. They have the NERVE to charge over $20,000 to attend their program that is only a year old!!! It's a tiny little community college. I told them hell no and went to Great Oaks. Great Oaks is a very nice program and has been around a lot longer than Brown Mackie. All of the people are nice and it is a very diverse environment. I prefer Greak Oaks much better.
  4. Rockstar

    Roll call for L.P.N. students starting in April 06!!

    I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and I will be attending Great Oaks (Diamond Oaks program) for LPN in April of 06!!!
  5. Rockstar

    CNA training in Cincinnati??

    The place in Columbus sent me a list. There are a lot of places that offer classes. They all are a little bootleg though. There is a place called Tri-state Nurse Aid training that is right up the street from my house. It's 430 bucks. I can live with that!
  6. Rockstar

    Do I have to quit my job to take LPN classes???

    This is what I'm planning to do! I'm going to school from 5-10 Monday through Thursday and working as a CNA hopefully first shift. My clinicals will be from 3-10. and I can afford health insurance since I'm working full time.
  7. Rockstar

    Share what helps you get through gross situations!

    Earle58 and Bipley, you guys are sick! lol Thanks for all the advice everyone. I have a great sense of humor and I'll be the first person running for a facemask!!!
  8. I was reading another thread where someone gave some good advice about dealing with gross smells. Keep a small jar of Vicks with you to put around your nostrils. You can't smell anything, but Vicks! That will definitely help me! I was wondering if anyone else has any tricks to help us get through some of the "not so great" parts of the job. ~Rockstar~
  9. Rockstar

    Do I have to quit my job to take LPN classes???

    I understand that. I can either go full time and not work and keep my health benefits (from my parents) or go part time and work part time and lose my health benefits. I lose health insurance if I'm not a full time student. I have to make a choice soon.
  10. Rockstar

    As bad as they say??

    I plan to get an attitude with anyone who does not give me the respect I deserve. My mom yelled at a lady at her job and the manager gave her a promotion and made her employee of the month. I don't know if it was out of fear or respect, but she demands both at her job. I used to be a Pharmacy Technician and I got yelled at all the time and blamed for things I didn't do. I quit, but I feel that I need to demand respect wherever I go from now on. I'm a nice person and very quiet and I think people mistake my kindness for weakness. Ok... I don't know what that had to do with this thread, but lol... after reading the thread about the negatives of nursing I refuse to let someone bring me down in a job that I like.
  11. Rockstar

    CNA training in Cincinnati??

    I called this registration place in Columbus and they were supposed to send me a list of all the places that give training in the area. I called Friday and it's Monday. They said they sent it out friday. Dah well... I'll wait a few more days for it.
  12. Rockstar

    CNA training in Cincinnati??

    thanks. i was about to give up on the Health Alliance!!! My dad works at University hospital so I'll ask him if he knows anything about it. I don't mind paying for classes. I think they are $400, but I'd love if they were free! I want a job with the Health Alliance too so I hope that will help. Thanks.
  13. Rockstar

    Why pre assessment secret?

    go to the library and see if they have any books on it. I work at the library and I found a lot of books that I practice from
  14. Rockstar

    This is a Vent! Warning LONG!

    I feel your pain. I'm a really nice person and I don't go off on people, but sometimes that's what I NEED to do. I jus can't get an attitude! I wish I could. Good luck to you!!
  15. Rockstar

    CNA training in Cincinnati??

    Can everyone list the programs that they know about? I know of one program at Cincinnati State, but I've heard of many places that will pay for you and also hire you after classes. I was hoping to find one of those places. I'd like to have options. Let me know everyone. Thanks!!! ~Rockstar~
  16. Rockstar

    Where did you go to nursing school?

    Brown Mackie college for registered nursing. it's a new program though