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Catedi has 11 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric.

Artist/Musician; Ohio native; English, Scotch/Irish, Welsh, and Norwegian descent; 50ish Mom of 3 boys, working in my 2nd career.

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  1. Catedi

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    All the medications are owned by the state, regardless of who they are given to. The inmate is never charged for the medication. We have very little in stock as our clinic med room is very small. The state pharmacy services every state facility (hund...
  2. Catedi

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    No offence, but this rule only pertains to controlled medications. Hydroxyzine is a non-controlled medication. There is no DEA oversite of non-controlled medications. Although I get your point - it is not standard nursing practice.
  3. Catedi

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    I did not mean that prisoners were void of nursing standards, I just meant it is a residential type facility and where there is an off-site pharmacy and the client would have gone without his medication for maybe a few days. Thank you for your ...
  4. Catedi

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    Is this your opinion or is your answer based on law or do you have any indication that this violates a standard that I can't find? I'm not being snarky here, I just want to know for sure. This is a prison setting and there are also many drugs we keep...
  5. My question is: If a physician writes a valid order for a non-controlled medication in a prison setting and the medication (Hydroxyzine) has not yet arrived, is it beyond the nurse's scope of practice to provide the inmate with an available dose of t...
  6. Catedi

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    I don't know where you get your information at, but I work for a union protected facility and we have plenty of flexibility. If we want a day off, we can trade a day with a coworker and we don't have to use our personal time. But we do get lots of pe...
  7. Catedi

    Do I have to join the Union?

    I don't think I've ever met a lazy or stupid nurse. Nurses I've worked with at ALL facilities that did not have a union were treated horrific and blamed when things went south when it was truly management's fault for under-staffing. The nurses whom I...
  8. Catedi

    Staffing Ratios

    I've worked for them. When they took over the hospital I worked for they dropped an RN and an MHT on each unit, which meant I was the only RN left on the Acute unit of 12 patients, with one MHT. I lasted 6 months when a patent beat the MHT so bad the...
  9. Catedi

    Do I have to join the Union?

    First, I must congratulate you for having the opportunity to work in the most glorious of situations - that of a nurse in a state that employs safe nursing/patient ratios. To say I'm envious is an understatement, as 300,000 patients a year die due to...
  10. Your role as a PMHNP will be much different than the role of a psychologist. I'd stick with the nursing track. You will need advanced medical education more than psychology. Generally, you will be Rx'ing meds more than counseling patients.
  11. Catedi

    HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    I'd go to the meeting, but email then a resignation before the meeting. Here in Ohio, we are an "At-Will" state, so just like they don't have to give you 2 weeks notice to can you, you don't have to give 2 weeks notice to quit. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE,...
  12. 20 years ago, I had a TBI and other injuries associated with falling from a vehicle on the Highway, doing 60mph. Long story short: Coming home late at night, from visiting friends, I hadn't closed the passenger door properly and was not wearing a sea...
  13. Catedi

    Drug seeking patients?

    A wise nursing instructor told me, "It is not for us to judge. Regardless of a pt's issues in the outside world, once they enter the hospital, they are equal in the eyes of the caring nurse." I love that saying and use it when I feel judgment start t...
  14. Catedi

    MA working beyond scope of practice

    In Ohio, there is a bit of confusion. There are two MA designations. One, like this person I am reporting about, goes to school for 6 mo. and leaves the technical school with a certificate. The other, goes to College, takes a year of prereqs and ente...
  15. Catedi

    MA working beyond scope of practice

    Also, @ Dogwmn, LPNs can start an IV in Ohio if they've received a certificate to do so. They can be delegated to give medications through an IV, under the licensed RN.