Anyone Here Pay $200 Dollars Still Passed?

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Anyone here did the pearson vue trick and were charged $200, and still passed?

I just finished my exam earlier, then I did the PVT. I followed the PVT trick process, putting in my credit card information. Unfortunately, the payment went through.

I was just still hoping and possibly in denial stage right now that I failed. Reaching out to the community to see if anyone experienced this kind of situation, but passed?

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Nursegb56, how long after you finished the exam did you try the trick? I didn't even wait 5 minutes =(

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Nursegb56 how long after you finished the exam did you try the trick? I didn't even wait 5 minutes =([/quote']

Most people I know wait for about 3-5hours. Then, they do it again after 24 hours to be sure.

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That was my mistake then..... I booked it to the car and did it immediately, then again 15 minutes later when I received the email... total rookie move

Most people I know wait for about 3-5hours. Then, they do it again after 24 hours to be sure.

I did it 30 min after. As soon as I got


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California rules them all and you are not being honest you tested again

WOW.... I really don't think I have come across a more ignorant comment. Some who keeps insisting that California rules them all and calling people liars. You sound like the kid from Billy Madison: "O'Doyle rules!!" - I suggest you do YOUR OWN research rather than spit out rumors!

Same situation here it took may 200 dollars even though i put a wrong cvc and expire date. And i tried the trick, i got a good pop up what does it mean? It means that i had been register to retake the exam? Need help here!


Sorry for the lengthy thread but i wanted to provide as much info. as i could for those in my same situation. So I took my NCLEX January 18th, 2017 at 8am in VA. I plan to work in NC but my test got cancelled in NC because of the weather but I felt I was ready to take the test right then so I found another testing site for that date.

So I did the PVT trick. Yes I got all the way to the end and tried to submit my payment info and the error message read "our records indictate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration can not be made at this time" and kept me on the submit order page (so i guess the good pop up). I finished the exam with 265 questions 8/ which is why I'm in a frenzy. My last 20 had at least 5 select all that apply and some ordered response. I had a lot of delegation questions, mental health questions, and peds questions but in regards to delegation. I received 2 math problems and a cardiac strip.

It is 6am and all i can do is read posts about this trick. I am really freaking out because some people say the trick didn't work and they failed but still got the good pop up. But then those people did not go all the way through with the trick. I did the trick blindsidedly not knowing that there is a chance for them to take my money if i pass. I did the trick knowing that if i did fail i was gonna need to take it again so might as well go ahead and pay. I finished the exam around 12 and didn't make it home to around 4 so I waited about 4 hours before trying the trick. I don't plan to do the trick again after 24 hours because of the risk of them taking my money and i pass. I'm mostly making this comment to kind of help with the validity of the PVT. I find out if I passed the 19th at 12 I guess and I will let you guys know.

Actually I may try the PVT again at 12 just so people can't say I did it wrong lol


Did it again after 24 hours and got the good pop up again. Paid for the quick results (best $7.95 ever spent) and I passed! The PVT worked for me!!

I took NCLEX-RN April 2022...I did PVT trick and charged me $200...2 days after I got my results that I Failed...I never heard anyone passed NCLEX after paying $200. 

I tried the PVT trick, it charged me and I found out that I did indeed fail. The Trick works. I will try again. If there's any other nurses out there who has experienced this do not give up! Study harder and you will pass on your next go.

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