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Anyone have experience with accelerated BSN?!

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Hi! I am starting an accelerated second degree BSN program in MN soon. I am so nervous :uhoh21:. I was just wondering if anyone has ever been through an accelerated program? What were your experiences? Did you feel prepared after you finished? I have heard a bunch of different things...If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated!

Dont have answers to your questions since i just started mine this past week. I'll be ready to graduate Dec 2006!! Good luck with yours:balloons:

I had the same question. I have not been through an accelerated program, but I posted this question in the general nursing discussion and got quite a few replies.

I'm starting mine in September...currently starting to get nervous. Good luck with it! :balloons:


What school are at? I go to North hennepin college in Brooklyn Center.

I finished one in December. I felt adequately prepared, and my preceptors and fellow nurses have done nothing by praise my work. Luckily I found a wonderful hospital that has a 3 month preceptorship for the ED. Others I've talked to in ICU/CCU/NICU have 5-6 month preceptorships. Learning doesn't end at graduation.

Thanks for everyone's input! To Reese_Cup, I am going to Concordia in Moorhead. Although, my cousin went to North Hennepin for her RN and liked it, she just graduated this May.

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