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Anyone else NOT revealing their test date?


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Hi all,

I figured that since I'm already about to stroke out from the pressure from myself regarding NCLEX, that I don't need to get any more from other people! Once you graduate, people are constantly asking "When are you taking boards?" From your parents, to your friends, to Granny, to your Pastor and even the neighborhood kids! Once you let them know, they CONSTANTLY ask you every day about the exam, leading up to the date. So, I have decided not to tell others the date of my test.

I have told my mother and I did tell my Nurse Educator at my job (so taht I won't be scheduled for that day) but that's it! My answer to "When are you taking boards?" is "I'm not revealing the date so that I'm not pressured from others anymore that I am. But, when I pass, I'll let ya know!":yeah:

Everyone I've said that has respected my decision (how can they not!) and they still wish me good luck. So, I'm glad I'm keeping it hush-hush!

Anyone else keeping the date to themselves?

I kept my testing date to myself!! I took my NCLEX yesterday with only 75 questions and did the PVT trick and got the "good" pop-up; now I'm just waiting on my official results. Good Luck on your test :)

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I didn't tell but a few people the day of my first board exam.

Kazza, MSN, RN

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I have decided to go that route too. The last time I took the NCLEX, I told friends and family, and they immense pressure they place on you, besides the pressure you place on yourself, is too great.

The last time I took the test, everybody as you know has an opinion, people had me praying to Jesus, God, Allah, Buddah, The NCLEX Gods, Fasting and sacrificing a couple of chickens (jokes....lol) This time, I decided to keep it to myself, and even though I have taken this path, it surely does not alleviate the anxiety I am experiencing.......which I think is a good sign, cause the last time, I dont think I took the test seriously.

I will take my test tomorrow afternoon, so with my knowledge base and the grace of God, this will be it..........All the best to everyone!!


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I won't be telling anyone when I get my test date... the main reason is b/c if I do fail I will be devestated as is and then to have to tell people that... nope. I DO PLAN TO PASS THOUGH lol

There was nobody who cared to know.


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Good luck to us all!! I'm sure we'll be telling them GLADLY when we pass! :D

I didn't plan on telling anyone. Only my parents and sister know.


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Yup. I'm not telling anybody except a FEW of my CLOSEST classmates. Of course my job has some idea of when because I had to take some weeks off to study, but I didn't even tell my mom.

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I told a my husband and my best friend from nursing school. That was it. I told my parents and the my other close friends once I had taken the test and annouced it to the "public" when I got my official results.

I definately didn't want people constantly calling me the day of my test and asking me how it had gone.

My response when people asked about my test was "I'll let you know!"

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Me! I told pockspouse so we could arrange for kid wrangling, but other than that, I don't want the added pressure. Ever watched a woman at/past her due date get asked "When are you having that baby?" I don't want that. :lol2: When I pass, I'll tell people I took it.

I told everybody... it felt good to vent and let some of the stress out and get the much needed support from my family and friends.

pockunit, ADN, RN

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And NOW I will tell people I tested and I got the good pop-up. *whew* 85 questions (maybe 88, I had the thingy turned off and only looked one time at 80). It really is a surprise when it turns off.

TONS of SATA. Some meds. LOTS of infection control, which I know I'm weak on (how?? how is it so hard for me?). Now I can finish summer school and not be freaking out about the boards, and man alive, is that a nice feeling.

Good luck, everyone!

Of course, I'll still wait for the official word to be absolutely sure. But I think I did it!


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I hardly told anyone either. I really did not want the added pressure. I only told my immediate family and my boyfriend, so they could join me in praying that I pass. I didn't even tell my closest friend in nsg school until the night before the test! After I passed, then I told some more folks.


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I didn't tell anyone my date for a long time and then I came up with an idea. My idea was to tell everyone that asks that I'm taking the exam 3 days after I'm really taking it. So say I'm taking it July 27. I have been telling everyone that has asked that I'm taking it July 30. That way, the night before the exam when everyone is asking me if I'm nervous, that will be July 29 and I will already know my results from the quick results. Only my boyfriend knows my true date and that's because he's my confidante and it's great to talk to him about stuff like this. Anyway, just an idea.

I will keep it a secret until I pass it. What if I fail? I don't want everybody to think I am an idiot. ( well I have 1 more year left and I'll be taking nclex)


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I think what ever works for you works for YOU! Even though I haven't told people when I'm taking it, they know that I'm taking it and I've felt love and support from everyone. And I think THAT is the most important part before taking the exam, not the actual date.

My advise...not to tell everyone you know...everyone and everywhere I went people kept asking me "are you a nurse yet?, when you taking ur boards? did you pass?" on and on. So when I scheduled it I made the mistake of telling everyone which added the stress "only 1 week! ..are you ready yet? you will pass!" the support made me feel a little better but then I FAILED and now every time I leave my house and get bombarded about nursing and I have to explain why I failed. NOT FUN! I purposely have been avoiding people and leaving my house all the time b/c I can't go anywhere without people being like "how's it feel to be a nurse...etc. etc.!" The little support of "you will pass!" didn't outweigh the added stress of everyone knowing! So next time I take the exam only my parents and my husband will know the date! :uhoh21: