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I am getting my CNA this semester while I finish my pre-reqs for the LPN program. Did you find your CNA experience was very helpful in getting your LPN? Also, in my state, we have a CNA II that can do the things listed below. Do you think it would be helpful for me to get my CNA II as well?

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!

CNA II can do the following in NC:


  • Room Set-up
  • Monitoring flow-rate


  • Oropharyngeal
  • Nasopharyngeal



STERILE DRESSING CHANGE (Wound over 48 hours old)



  • Assemble/flush tubing during set-up
  • Monitoring flow-rate
  • Site care/dressing change
  • Discontinuing peripheral intravenous infusions


  • Ostomy Care
  • Irrigation


  • Oral/nasogastric infusions (after placement verification by licensed nurse)
  • Gastrostomy feedings
  • Clamping tubes
  • Removing oral/nasogastric feeding tubes


  • Catheterizations
  • irrigation of tubing


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Wow everything that you can do as CNAII is exaclty what we LPN students can do here in CT on our clinicals you basically describe the CT lpn scope of practice!!! :)


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Sounds like my job as a tech in the SICU, with the exception of the impaction removal. I was always taught that digitally removing an impaction can potentially cause a vagal nerve reaction, not something you want with a pt who has cardiac issues.

Being a CNT before becoming a nurse will not only help with your knowledge base, but it will help gain the respect of the techs you will work with as a nurse. People who work their way up have a better appreciation for their non-licensed co-workers, and vice versa. That's been my experience anyway.

Good luck in your pursuits!



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I was a CNA first and it was really good experience for me. We don't have the CNA II here, but that sounds awesome! I say GO FOR IT!!! The more you can do and get more comfortable with, the better. You'll be that much more ready. The things on your list are things I do as a nurse everyday! Good luck and go for it!



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Wow that sounds like a lot. I am going to check our state and see if we have something like that. It sounds exciting. I am not a CNA, but I am considering it. The recruiter from the LPN program informed us that we could become a CNA and begin working once we have started our classes. My first class starts tomorrow and I think I will check into this further. Is there a difference in pay in becoming a CNAI and CNAII?


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I think working as a CNA helps us to appreciate all the roles in nursing, and after 2o some years as a nurse I can relate well to the CNA's on the team. Same goes for I was a LPN for 4 yrs before I became a RN.

Each role helped give me a different perspective; I learned a lot and none of it was wasted.

Best wishes in your studies. :)


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I worked as a CNA for 16 years prior to going to nursing school. I think that if you can work as a CNA2 then by all means do that. As another poster said it will give you that much more experience prior to becoming a nurse. Most of my work experience has been at a large pediatric rehabilitation hospital, I've been working there just over 21 years. Being a CNA first has helped to form a good working relationship with them in that I understand the hard work that they do & I help them when I can. I wish you the best. Pam


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i was a nurses aide and a medical assistant before venturing into practical nursing. i feel that, although i'm new to the lpn program, i have much more knowledge having the prior med. exper. i wholeheartedly agree with the poster who said that you are respected by other techs & nurses when you work your way up in nursing 'levels'. i appreciate and acknowledge all positions, right down to housekeeper! (as long as they're giving 110%):)


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:) I am so encourage by your post. I am a CNA for about 10 years and just finsh LPN classes. I will taken state board soon. i encourage you to hang in there because You already fit all of making of a Nurse. I am planning on returning to school after passing board for RN program. Keep a postive outlook.


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I worked as a cna while going to lpn school and it helped soooo much.

A girl from my class didn't work as cna and now has to learn that job as well as learning to be a lpn.

I wished that I could have worked as a cna and do everything a cna II can do but at the place I work you have to between you JR and SR year of an RN program.



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I was a CNA before I became and LPN and it helped alot, the first 8 months of the program was like an indepth review of everything i had learned while working in the field the program just offered a broader depth to the knowledge I had already attained through practice.

I like to look at upgrading as just giving myself the opportunity to increase the breadth and depth of knowledge I already have.

I think working your way up the ladder is a fantastic way to earn experience and knowledge and it can only enhance your skills

not to mention the fact that employers LOVE that you have the experiences to back up your knew letters!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I agree with you. It also give a appreciation for other co-worker and inspiration to others. It always a challenging to learn new or to build on what you already know. It is a great reward at the end. :chuckle

Have a wonderful and prosper day.

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