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pediatric/school nursing
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nickysdestiny specializes in pediatric/school nursing.

A mom of 4 and a nurse who has spent the bulk of her career working in the school setting. Starting a new adventure as a community mental health nurse. exciting times!!!

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  1. nickysdestiny

    Nurse Residency Program February 2017 - Cone Health

    In all my 11 years of being an LPN I've never heard of that kind of program....does it get you your RN diploma? How do you even get in to something like that
  2. nickysdestiny

    Desperate to start school

    Hey everyone! I'm a current LPN and I am so ready to move on and get my BSN. I looked into Chamberlain but it's far too expensive. Are there other local schools close to Shelby, Kings Mountain, Gastonia besides the community colleges that offer nursing? I don't want to wait another 5-10 years. 20 has been long enough.
  3. nickysdestiny

    LPN to ASN Western Mass

    I've seen alot of posts from the boston area. I am an LPN in western mass and I am really wanting to do a bridge program but I work days and really don't want to stop working to go to school. Does anyone know of any good online programs based in this area?
  4. nickysdestiny

    LPN as school nurse....Kinda nervous

    Hey there!! Its been a long while since I have been on here! I may be offered a position as a 1-1/school nurse and I am a little nervous about the school nurse part of the position..I have never had to work alone in that capacity before:eek:, always worked under another nurse as I am an LPN. Any advice to offer? or some guidance as to where to go to freshen up my skills??
  5. nickysdestiny

    Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    Hello all my name is Nicole and I am a LPN in the manchester school district and I am lovin the hours just not the pay lol!!! I start at goodwin in sept to get my pre-reqs out of the way for the ADN program sooo nervous
  6. nickysdestiny

    LTC Salaries for a LPN in CT

    as charge nurse i am in charge of my floor. the rehab unite is divided into 3 sub units or floors as i call them i am the head nurse for my sub unit that includes deligating to aids making sure that the meds are right weights are getting done vital signs tx are right communicating with mds pt/ot speech therapy, dietary ect...... even when your off things usually fall on you to make sure they are followed up on. i dont know much about masonicare just that they are really good up there with gaylord
  7. nickysdestiny

    LTC Salaries for a LPN in CT

    I am a new LPN Graduated last june and my job as a charge nurse in a ltc rehab unit I make 22.70/hr plus full bennies double time and a half for holidays not to bad for a new nurse
  8. nickysdestiny

    LPN's in Connecticut

    Hey there I am a new grad in ct and you can get ridiculous amounts of overtime pay is awesome benefits are pretty good too I live in manchester and work in newington so good luck to you
  9. nickysdestiny

    LPNs what are your roles in MA?

    Ok here's the situation, I am a charge nurse lpn in connecticut and am concidering moving to Ma, but I am curious to know how the roles differ in the 2 states? here I cant start and IV I cant push IV meds or draw blood...... cant do much work with kids besides school nursing pay isnt too bad i am just shy of $23 can anyone help or point me to a good website to get this info?
  10. nickysdestiny

    pay rate in Ma.

    MA doesnt use LPNs for home health we do here in CT if thats true thats kinda discuraging I wanna move up there and thats what I want to do
  11. nickysdestiny

    LPN2005 Magazine

    This is the magazine for the new england area that I get and its free just for lpns!!! Its really interesting
  12. nickysdestiny

    nursing school interviews

    When I had my interviews at 2 different schools, they both asked me the same basic questions: why do I want to be a nurse, tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself 5 or so years from now. I would just say go in there being confident with yourself and just be you, thats what they want to see. Good luck:roll
  13. nickysdestiny

    Help with getting ready for school

    Hey guys Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!! My question is this: what do you all suggest to those of us who just got our acceptance letters for school that starts in Jan. Are there any supplies or books we should get now before orientation anything that the schools might not tell us about? TIA !!!!
  14. nickysdestiny

    Yeah I Got In!!!!

    I got my acceptance letter today from the states LPN program. I start in Jan on the 26. I am so happy I have waited way to long to do this now is my time to shine!!!!!
  15. Hey there my name is Nicky and I also applied to the state run nursing program at A.I. Prince. Should be getting a letter today can't wait. If I don't get in there I can always go to New England Tech. So either way I will be a LPN by 2005 Yeah!!!!!!!