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nickysdestiny specializes in pediatric/school nursing.

A mom of 4 and a nurse who has spent the bulk of her career working in the school setting. Starting a new adventure as a community mental health nurse. exciting times!!!

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  1. Travel nursing with children

    Does anyone travel with their kids? do you find it difficult to find rentals that will accommodate families? I am due to go to CT at the end of the month but am having a heck of a time finding something affordable for myself and the kiddos. I ...
  2. The biggest thing that I am curious about and having a hard time with (accepted an offer cross country) is finding short term rentals. I mean I could do an airbnb but they are so expensive. What do all of you do?
  3. Come down and take your meds!

    Wow, the elementary school I am a one to one nurse in, the teachers give all meds. Not really sure what the nurse here does
  4. An lpn with no desire to work in the hospital.should I get my rn?

    Was this for me? I actually am registering for classes next week to go for my asn
  5. Looking to pick school nurses brains..

    Ok. I'll do more research. It's probably gonna be a few years before the school is big enough to actually need to hire a then I'll be done with school myself and I'm hoping to slide into the job.
  6. Looking to pick school nurses brains..

    Thanks, I couldn't find that forum
  7. Looking to pick school nurses brains..

    I am trying to find out guidelines to be a school nurse...or rather to help a small private school legally have a nurse working for them. Does the RN have to be covered by a doctor, does the school have to do anything?
  8. An lpn with no desire to work in the hospital.should I get my rn?

    As an LPN you have lots of choices outside of a hospital, you can work in the public school system, do home care, mental health agencies, doctors offices. Going for your degree wouldn't hurt either
  9. Nurse Residency Program February 2017 - Cone Health

    In all my 11 years of being an LPN I've never heard of that kind of program....does it get you your RN diploma? How do you even get in to something like that
  10. Desperate to start school

    Hey everyone! I'm a current LPN and I am so ready to move on and get my BSN. I looked into Chamberlain but it's far too expensive. Are there other local schools close to Shelby, Kings Mountain, Gastonia besides the community colleges that offer nu...
  11. LPN to ASN Western Mass

    I've seen alot of posts from the boston area. I am an LPN in western mass and I am really wanting to do a bridge program but I work days and really don't want to stop working to go to school. Does anyone know of any good online programs based in t...
  12. New school nurse...bummed out already

    ouch..a real nursing job? I am an LPN as well and just started working as a school nurse in a building with almost 700 students. Its crazy hectic at times and calm at others. we have our frequent fliers, our liars, and such. I love every stinkin ...
  13. LPN as school nurse....Kinda nervous

    Hey there!! Its been a long while since I have been on here! I may be offered a position as a 1-1/school nurse and I am a little nervous about the school nurse part of the position..I have never had to work alone in that capacity before:eek:, always...
  14. Prince Tech's LPN program

    This program is good if you dont let the teachers get to you. there is no waiting list but you do have to go through a process to get accepted and they only take new students eery 18 months.... so they wont start a new class till sept of 2008. there...
  15. Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

    Hello all my name is Nicole and I am a LPN in the manchester school district and I am lovin the hours just not the pay lol!!! I start at goodwin in sept to get my pre-reqs out of the way for the ADN program sooo nervous