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Hello all,  I am an LPN in the state of WA and have been job hunting.  I see a few places are desperately seeking LPN infusion nurses, whether its home infusion or in office.

I am trying to gain some insight before I interview for a position as to what I need to know as I am new to this side of nursing.  I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and have not done this before.

Are there courses I can take online?  What questions should I ask at the interview?  What skill set is good to highlight since I haven't done infusions before?

Should I be worried if they are willing to hire me without experience with infusions? 

Back in 2020 I found a PRN infusion nurse position on either Indeed or Linkedin....can't remember which. One major skilll was starting IV's, being familiar with the medications and of course being reliable. It was a company that did infusions in the patient's home. No chemo. I infused IVIG and had to of course know how to perform vital signs and go by the company's specific protocol for the frequency of vitals. It was paper charting also. 

I felt comfortable because my hospital experience supported what the company needed. IV skills, vital signs, and familiarity with the medications. But hey give it a try. I bet a physician's office would be willing to train you. Once you get the training then you could work PRN and make more money. 

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