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Any nurses wished they had become doctors?


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On 5/2/2020 at 12:53 PM, amoLucia said:

That's also about how long I had once considered SCHOOL nsg. I have the utmost R E S P E C T and admiration for those nurses.

Hi amoLucia,

I am new to the country and was exploring options. I have a toddler and plan on another one in a couple of years. Then, I was thinking, school nursing would come handy to me. I know nothing except holidays and school hour works. Do you mind providing me why school nursing is not a good option in general (not taking into account my desire to be with my children.)?

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On 7/18/2020 at 3:59 PM, DavidFR said:

No, for the simple reason that medicine's too limiting.

You become a cardiologist for example, you're generally a cardiologist for life. Become an oncologist, oncologist for life, usually.

Nursing has given me variety: oncology, infectious diseases, occupational health and hepatology are what I consider my real specialities, but I've also worked in respiratory, cardiac, burns and plastics. I've worked with inpatients, outpatients, hospital, community, outreach and for an international inter-governmental organisation. I don't believe I'd have had such variety as a doctor.

In further studies too, doctors are limited largely to the clinical whereas my higher studies have taken in a lot of sociology, psychology and social theory which I adored for the more global view that gave me of patients.

As stated above, different jobs and I really get quite annoyed at the "when will you go on to be a doctor?" "A masters! You should have been a doctor!" type reactions - as if nursing is somehow not worthwhile.

Best of luck with your MSN!

I briefly attended medical school and found medicine to be narrow in the way you are describing. It helps with specializing in one area and offering the best care to patients in that field but it can be very stressful on the doctors who see their options limited to what the score on the USMLE and most importantly match to.

I think nursing is definitely worthwhile and furthering your education in nursing is admirable and useful for the field of medicine. People that look down on this definitely lack perspective because after going to medical school, I think if I had a time machine, I would have chosen the nursing round from the very beginning.


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Never. ever. ever.