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Future MSN has 3 years experience and specializes in Public Health Science.


I am interested in applying to NP School. I am looking to share their experiences about applying to different program? What is the course work like? What are the exams like? I graduated from UCI. 

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  1. Drawbacks to a career as a PMN-HP

    What are the drawbacks to a career as a PMN-HP? I got a accepted to a program and I think there are a lot of advantages to working with mental health? What are the drawbacks that I a missing ? Thanks
  2. Simmons Direct Entry 2020

    I got accepted to Simmons Direct Entry FNP program. Can anyone share their experience on the program? Thanks
  3. These are some questions that PMN-NP new graduates and students would like to know. Any feedback from experienced nurse practitioners is appreciated. QUALITIES OF PMHNP What qualities are most important in working as PMH-NP Em...
  4. These are some questions that PMN-NP new graduates and students would like to know. Any feedback from experienced nurse practitioners is appreciated. MAIN DUTIES PMHNP? What are the main duties of PMH-NP? How important is inte...
  5. Portage Learning Study Buddies

    Sure. I would love to help. One thing I can tell you is Portage does not offer O-chem. Let me know what program offers this online if you find out. I will need to take O-chem too. Send me your email so we can connect.
  6. Hello, Any experienced PMH-NP willing to share how the transition into the work place has been like after finishing school ? I am an PMN-NP student looking for guidance. Thanks
  7. Hello, I was recently accepted to MSOE School of Nursing to advance into their Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Track. I would appreciate if current students and professionals post their experiences about school and transitioning into the workpla...
  8. msoe nursing school

    Is the tutoring available in nursing one on one? I would like to have the personal attention when I am really struggling in a course.
  9. msoe nursing school

    I was accepted and told the ABSN has a grant that pays $6,000 off your tuition. That comes out to $36,000 of your tuition.
  10. msoe nursing school

    I appreciate your response. How is the pass rate for most classes. Are the classes curved? Do a couple of students always fail every class as part of a weed out process? Please feel free to DM. Thank you
  11. Psychiatric NP

    Thank you for your response. I will keep this in mind.
  12. Nurse Practitioner Safer than bedside nursing?

    Thank you for the feedback.
  13. Nurse Practitioner Safer than bedside nursing?

    By attacks I mean injuries like being "punched, slapped, knocked down." I am considering many things in my decision. The risk of the profession is just one of them.
  14. Psychiatric NP

    Are there enough opportunities to work this way? Or was the online position a diamond in the rough opportunity that only comes along once in a while?
  15. Psychiatric NP

    As a new grad in New Mexico I will probably early around 80 K which is okay. We all need a job. I just don't want to get hit or attacked my patients constantly. It's reassuring that you experience less violence than when you were working in the ICU. ...