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Future MSN has 1 years experience and specializes in Public Health Science.


I am interested in applying to NP School. I am looking to share their experiences about applying to different program? What is the course work like? What are the exams like? I graduated from UCI. 

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  1. Future MSN

    Nurse Practitioner Safer than bedside nursing?

    Being safe at work is important to me. It’s not a minor consideration and I am just wondering if it’s outburst of violence happen less frequently to NP.
  2. Future MSN

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    As someone who also dropped out of medical school. I find this so inspiring. No one can prepare you emotionally for the toll that studying no stop takes on your well being in medical school. I choose to no go back to medical and pursue nursing instead because I still want to care for patients but I also want to care for myself too. I was an overachiever struggling to get by and it just didn't seem healthy for me to continue living that way for the next 7+ years. I left early but it still takes a toll on you. I re-read your story all the time to remember that this is not the end but just another path that might be better suited for how I want to live life. I want to work hard but I also want time to recuperate. Medical school doesn't give you that. You barely feel like you can rest after each block exam and then you start preparing vigorously for the next block. It's just too taxing on the body to live that way for most students. I wish more people would share with others that medical school isn't this great achievement once you are in...Its only the beginning of a long struggle. My classmates use to cry all the time and I found myself crying at school for the first time in my adult life. Crying every day and feeling depressed just became normal. Leaving medical school will forever be the best decision I ever made in regards to my quality of life.
  3. I think memorizing and processing all the material can be challenging because science is pretty dense. There is so much to Iearn but it’s for the good of future patients so I am happy to put in the work and effort.
  4. Future MSN

    Portage Learning Study Buddies

    Hello, My name is Mindy. I have a bachelors from UCI. I decided to become a nurse after contemplating medical school. I am currently taking pre-requisite courses to apply to a Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone taking pre-requisites at Portage Learning, want to connect and be study buddies for support and encouragement? I am taking biology, Microbiology, statistics, and Chemistry. I can be messaged through this platform or reached at the email mindysplace1@gmail.com Best regards, Mindy
  5. Anyone taking pre-requisites at Portrage Learning want to connect and be study buddies for support and encouragement? I am taking biology, statistics, and Chemistry.
  6. I agree. With all the fees you have to pay. Community college is not a cheaper option. Another reason for me is that everything is shut down right now due to COVID-19
  7. Future MSN

    Ameritech NOT accredited?

    Thank you for the advice. It is tempting because they do not require pre-requisite courses but I am also aware there is too much risk. I think I will stay clear.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I am going to stick with Portrage. The classes are very affordable and their online platform has been great for learning. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I am just worried about applying and how I will be viewed. I would ideally take them at my alma mater but money is scarce right now.
  9. I checked already. However, I wonder if I would better off taking classes at UCI, my alma mater. But its so expensive. I would end up paying $3,000 per class instead of only $700 per class. It's a financial decision to attend Portrage but I worry that it won't be taken as seriously.
  10. Does the online school that you do your nursing pre-requisites matter? I am doing it at a no-name brand online school. It is accredited and I called the schools I am interested in (Simmons University) and they told me they do accept pre-requisite courses from this school. My question is ...will it bring me down that I am not doing at more established and extensive online school. Some schools are super ridiculous charging students $1,300-$1,500 for an online course and I decided to take it a way cheaper school but now I am worried this will cost me even more when I cant get into the school of my choice. Any thoughts from students that got accepted from courses from Portage University (the less expensive online school) that I am attending.
  11. Future MSN

    Nurse Practitioner Safer than bedside nursing?

    I am sorry patients were allowed to do these things. I really feel laws need to prioritize the safety of nurses. I am sure that patients would be less violent if they were clearly aware that charges would automatically be pressed if they assaulted nurses. I am not sure why patients are allowed to treat ER nurses this way. Even though nurses are there to help patients, it really shouldn't mean that they should act as a punching bag. Policies like bolting down furniture has had some success but more really needs to be done. Reading about how little protection nurses have is one of the reasons I was scared away from nursing for a very long time. My dad was a CNA and he would tell me about how poorly they were treated. As a man in his early 50s it was not so bad for him but for female CNAs it was terrible. It makes me 100% hopeful that nurse practitioners have it a little better. I want to help patients but not if it means being punched and bit. That sounds like a nightmare, especially since I get PTSD sometimes from growing up in a very abusive family. Thanks for the info.
  12. Future MSN

    No Jobs For New Grads Despite RN Time?!

    I am applying to a NP program to hopefully start next year. Seeing this post is pretty scary. It would be disappointing to spend the money and still not be able to get a job. I hope your luck has improved.
  13. Future MSN

    Applying to Azuza ELM Program. Any advice?

    I apologize. I was not aware. I hold nurse practitioners in high regard. I am very glad their roles have been expanding and I think they are making it possible for more patients to have access to care.
  14. Future MSN

    Practicing in another state than where you got your NP

    Thank you for taking the time to insert this link with information. And thank you for everyone's feedback. This online community has been wonderful and very knowledgeable. Lets push this legislation forward! If I can sign any petitions. I would love to help. I think this can be very great for expanding care.
  15. Future MSN

    Applying to Azuza ELM Program. Any advice?

    I haven't considered an accelerated ABSN because I am already 34 years old and I feel like I should be more advanced in a career by now. I already have a bachelor's which focused on science. I also took a lot of pre-requisite courses to apply to medical school. I feel like I have already wasted too much time and don't want to do a ABSN to later to another 2-3 years to do practice as a nurse practitioner. I have a strong science background and I know the end goal which is to practice as a midlevel provider diagnosing and treating disease. I feel I will get the closeness I want with patients without being in school for another 7 years. Anything I am not trained to treat I will refer out.
  16. Future MSN

    Practicing in another state than where you got your NP

    So you can practice in another state by endorsing (making this request to transfer your license) without any examination. It's just a matter of doing paperwork. That sounds very easy and super convenient if you are moving or going to work as a traveling nurse. I don't know if nurse practitioner is a traveling nurse position?

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