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The hospital I work at, like most/all, has annual education modules. These are typically tough to work into our already busy days. We were recently informed that we could access these at home to complete them. I don't have an issue doing them at home, honestly I could complete them faster not having distractions. My issue is "working off the clock" (I know it's just education, but still). Part of me wants to do them at home, and manually enter my time when I get to work. Last year we could come to work early/stay late & clock in under education vs patient care. Another non-healthcare employer emphasizes we can not do education off the clock if we are hourly employees. I'll pull out my employee handbook later. I'm just curious as to how others feel about this. 

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Work requirement = paid time. It’s not just policy but legality for hourly employees. Check your labor laws- chances are if you’re hourly and it’s required, you gotta be paid. That’s why my employer won’t even allow hourly staff to be able to access work email from home. 

Sweetheart2005, ASN

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I don’t know how my current employer does it. I’m new, but my last employer allowed us to access from home or come in on our time off to use computers. We would log our time in a book documenting the hours for education. As long as they are paying time worked, no problem. If it’s mandatory they should pay you for it. 

NightNerd, MSN, RN

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Nope nope nope. No working for free. I just try to knock them out one or two at a time (easier said than done, I know). If it's getting close to deadline I may stay late a couple shifts to finish them up. It sucked, but I don't spend any of my off-time on work-related stuff. It is supposed to be paid.

CalicoKitty, BSN, RN

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I believe at my hospital, nurses are given the opportunity to take a few hours every week or pay period to do the online modules at home. I think some places need permission first. They need to fill out the time to get paid. 


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We are paid if they're done while at work. We can't write in for education time done at home. I've done it in the past. I've wasted my time for less important things while sitting on the couch, I've knocked out some education for free. For those that feel strongly about getting paid at my hospital you can come in early or leave late around annual education time if needed. (I'd rather not get paid and stay home when I'm off)

Nurse Beth, MSN

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If it's mandatory for your job, they must pay you.

17 hours ago, lilbit_23 said:

We were recently informed that we could access these at home to complete them.

No problem. I'd handle it by just asking how/where you are expected to log your hours. It's likely they aren't suggesting that you do them without being paid, but just in case...a simple question should take care of any of those types of ideas.