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Sweetheart2005 has 10 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Med surg/tele.

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  1. Sweetheart2005

    Annual Learning Modules

    I don’t know how my current employer does it. I’m new, but my last employer allowed us to access from home or come in on our time off to use computers. We would log our time in a book documenting the hours for education. As long as they are paying ti...
  2. Sweetheart2005

    Work holdover/mandate

    Don’t quote me, I’d have to look it up, but I think I read somewhere (maybe a state site? I’m fairly confident I got from a reliable source) they can mandate to work up to 16 hours max but must give 10 hours between shifts greater than 12 hours unles...
  3. We have passcodes for our patients that are supposed to be given in the ER or at admission. Patients rarely know what to do with the passcode or understand.. our secretaries often will ask if we can talk or a common busy timeframe (8-10 am for am med...
  4. Sweetheart2005

    Need new job. How to decide what’s next?

    I know a couple people who moved on that weren’t really friends and others had said they loved it. I did have a friend that left med surg for home Health and she’s back on new surg because it wasn’t for her.
  5. Sweetheart2005

    Need new job. How to decide what’s next?

    I’m feeling completely exhausted, probably even burnt out at my current med surg job and despite attempts cannot get a vacation. I need something new. Just looking for direction in how to decide what to look for. I’ve done family practice for a...
  6. Sweetheart2005

    Working Less Than 8-Hour Shifts?

    I’ve never heard of a regular schedule like that. My current job (hospital med surg) has PRN and “part time” positions that must work 8 hours per pay period. They can pick up any days as they want and generally not required any weekend or holiday hou...
  7. Sweetheart2005

    Days vs nights?

    It sounds like you want dayshift but concerned because you are new you won’t get it? If that is the primary hesitation, I would apply for it. If you don’t apply you for sure won’t get it. My facility hires nights only but when dayshift is avai...
  8. Sweetheart2005

    Days vs nights?

    I’m a day shifter currently 7a-7p, but I’ve done 3a-3p a full test a couple years back and I have picked up a couple nights shifts. The two shifts are very different. Dayshift there are more people around giving you information, asking questions ...
  9. I cant recall a time that I’ve actually called out when I wasn’t ill, but I have thought about it. I see nothing wrong with taking a sick day for mental health, burn out, overly stressed on a rare occasion. I feel bad calling out even when I’m sick ...
  10. Sweetheart2005

    Calling in the “On Call” person when someone calls out

    My unit doesn’t do on call. If we have a call off that makes us short, we’ll pull from float pool first if a reasonable option (there’s only one or max of two per shift in the hospital if that—small hospital) they go to where it’s needed most. The...
  11. Sweetheart2005

    Second Guessing Myself. Did I handle this situation correctly?

    It sounds to me you did the right thing. The doctor was just upset because he didn’t want to be bothered and due to his lack of timeliness you went to another doctor. He didn’t like that you went around him when he didn’t respond in a timely manner. ...
  12. Sweetheart2005

    What is your favorite shift to work?

    For 8 hour shifts, I prefer days 7-15. I don’t love getting up early, but I do better when I get up and get moving. my job requires full time people to do 12 hour shifts. Either 7a-7p or 7p-7a. I do days. I dong think my body could function wel...
  13. Sweetheart2005

    Heparin drip

    I always let the pump and EHR calculate it. Either way, our pumps only program to the tenths spot. So programming at 10.25 wouldn’t be an option. You would have to round, so either way 10.3 would be correct.
  14. Sweetheart2005

    Orientation. Advice on precepting

    Agreed precepting is a skill. I’ve been told multiple times I’m a good preceptor and a good teacher. I’m sure there are things I could work on. I’m usually pretty laid back and and allow my orienteers to do their thing and hang back unless there a...
  15. Sweetheart2005

    Orientation. Advice on precepting

    Yes, we do have a precepting class. I’ve been through it several years ago but they’ve revamped our orientation process since. We have a Book that has all skills and sign off on competency as it’s achieved. The new employee puts some of their feeling...