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Am I too young in experience to teach?

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Hello there! I am considering beginning an MSN-Nursing Education next spring but want to ask your opinion to make sure I’m not out of my mind. I have three years experience in a 1,400-bed (total) facility emergency room. We have high volume and high acuity so I do feel I’m exposed to quite a lot. I started at a level 1 trauma center recently and am paying my dues to get into the trauma bays. I am considering leaving this position to go back to my old ED at the PRN pay rate I get now but full time hours (we’re always hurting for people to pick up shifts so usually available) and go back to precepting there. I’ve precepted one new grad (15 week program) and a nursing practicum student. 

The reason I’m considering this switch is I want to get my MSN to teach, so I could start precepting again right away and learn more about it and sharpen my teaching skills. During that time, I wanted to start the MSN. By the time I’m done with it, I’ll have 5-6 years experience. From there, I was hoping to land an adjunct teaching job and get a couple years of experience in that while still working at the bedside which will then give me even more clinical experience and teaching experience toward landing a full-time teaching job. 


Does this sound like a reasonable plan? I know experience-wise I’m on the young side but by the time I get to a full-time gig I’ll be closer to 10 years experience. My favorite professor in nursing school was 10 years strictly ED and she was a badass that taught us a lot. I am unfamiliar with the market for nurse educators and would love some feedback.


Thank you!!

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Sounds perfectly reasonable. 🙂

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